Armhole Shaping!

I might actually get to wear this thing sooner rather than later:


While knitting at Post Office Square (officially known as Norman B. Levanthal Park--who knew?), I began the armhole shaping for the front.  Could the end be in sight?


I think the end is close.....really close! i can't wait to see it completed.

That Wool Cotton looks yummy!

Loving it! Almost there. I really like your summer tank below too!

Mmmm...have I entioned how much I love that color? So pretty.

WOW! It's looking great! I like the modification to the ribbon tank... looks like it fits fine. I, too, hate showing off my undergarments in the summer (especially hate the "skinny spaghetti strap" tank with the full width bra strap underneath. unless you match them, it looks tacky. :) Your knitting is beautiful as always!

Once you hit those armholes, you know your number of stitches just keeps getting smaller and smaller -- you'll be finished before you know it, or a short time after that!

you'll probably get to wear it sooner than most think...can't wait to see it modeled when you finish (tee hee)

dude, Norman is a board member at the foundation I work for... hilarious! I heard he was a big deal up in beantown but this really made me laugh, ha!

Knitting outside in Boston in the summer -- ain't it grand?

Madeleine is looking fabulous!


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