114, 114, 114

If the pattern says "cast on 114 stiches", why then did I cast on 118 stitches?

Long-time blog readers will remember my counting mishap with Venus.  What on earth is wrong with me?  In third grade I received an "N" (needs improvement) for "Follows Directions".  Apparently that "N" should have been a big warning that I was headed toward a lifetime of knitting disasters.

All it means is that once again I need to rip and redo.  That makes four times, if you're keeping track.  Clearly, I am not worthy of the title of "knitter".  Frogger, yes.  Knitter, no.

The waist shaping dilemma remains.  In the end I decided to customize it, and I have the feeling that I need to remove eight stitches from each side to keep the ribbing count on target.

Let me leave you with something cheerful:


Ah, summer!


Oh! I feel your pain. I can't follow directions either, but I choose to blame it on the fact that we have sooooo much on our minds, we are easily distracted - if we didn't have distractions we could follow directions perfectly!! Good luck on the new cast on.

Happens to us all - better luck next time!

i share your pain. i've done a few of these myself.

I have a hard time with the directions following thing, too...I'm sure whatever you do will work out just fine, though - you always seem to pull everything together nicely!

1. LOVE the sweater! Looks good with the tank top... hmm... a new button? I really liked the one you chose... you could be like me...i was wearing a white cardigan last week and looked sickly. today, same sweater, less 'pale' b/c my tan kicked in
2. I have never once cast on the right number of stitches the first time. usually someone's talking to me or the boy's fave: start saying random #s.
summer has returned, oh wait- it's back to 50 today.... summer needed a nap!
:) Kate

how patient of you! I would have hurled it in a corner and given it the evil eye for a few days before I could pick it up again. BTW - didn't comment on your Venus modeled shot, but it looks wonderful on!

Venus looks good, especially your modification. Ooops, I have a similar gift of reading my own thing. Oh, the number of things we could knit if we weren't following our own thing so much. I also just ripped the top half of a back I knitted because I counted rows wrongly. Ah, but the things we learn from the path less travelled - if I only I knew what they were!

Ooh, Venus looks nice. Maybe wear it to Old Navy and find a brighter tank/cami to wear underneath?

I found a bag of Tahki New Tweed (original yardage and composition) at the Wild and Woolly sale, so I can make Spring Breeze later this summer. OK, so it'll be Fall Breeze, whatever.

I usually cast on the right number of stitches (but then I count obsessively) but it doesn't matter because I find I have to cast on, knit, rip, repeat at least twice before the whatever I'm knitting actually gets going.

By the way - Venus looks great! I like your picture much better.

It's not all that bad - at least you're realizing your mistakes as you go along and fix them as you find them. Some of us (ahem) knit entire sleeves which are clearly too large, suspecting it all along, and then blame the entire world when we look like clowns! Good thing that this is a small top, and a good quality yarn which can handle knitting and unknitting. I hope you figure out the ribbing at the waist shaping, we need close ups!

I can miscount over and over until I get it right. You are not alone and you ARE a knitter. Those flowers are gorgeous!

oh man...I feel your pain. Basic knitting screw ups...I know them so well!

I second Johanna's " :-( "

So sad. But it happens to all of us. I'm impressed that you're willing to keep working on it! I probably would've taken a "time out" at this point -- or, possibly flung it across the room -- but that's just me. Hehe.

I think that it must take a really enjoyable knitting project to make one lose track of the pattern details.. right?? So once it gets going on the numbers work, it will be great!


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