Who are You?

Orange Line, 08:30, EDT:

Who is this mystery subway knitter?


It doesn't help that the woman's face isn't in the photograph (and the photograph itself is shaky), but it was not fair to do that without her permission.  I wanted an unsuspecting knitting-in-action shot.

Maybe someone recongizes the project or the knitting bag.  Maybe that someone is you!

By the way, do you all know about World Wide Knit in Public Day?  It's June 11th.  Count me in, although the way I see it, every day is Knit in Public Day for me.


It's not me....and I did not know about such a day! I will now spread the word!

As for you, that's everyday for me.
WWKIPD is a bit silly, isn't it? Why does it have to be an organized event? What for?

It's me. No, just kidding. :)

That's great that the WWKIPD is June 11th... the first annual Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival is that weekend! :)

It's not me, but I'll be KIP (and CIP, but don't tell anyone) today in Harvard Square (somewhere) for a good 2-3 hours while doing an experiment in lab!

Button button we need a button.
And I thnk you should be honorary mascot for the Boston Chapter!
I love the sneak pic. I wish it was me, because I am a hambone.

Haven't seen that particular knitter before, but did spot another Orange Line KIPper last thursday morning. We're everywhere!

P.S. I moved - http://nextproject.typepad.com/

This is not me. I am a bus #39 or bus #66 or Silver Line knitter. And every day is knitting in public day for me too!


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