What a Relief!

Whew!  That was a close one.  Last night I thought that maybe, just perhaps, I might be finished knitting a portion of the secret project.


Good thing that I was wrong!  Otherwise, I might have started something else.  I swear that the prototype for the prototype was too small at those measurements, but now it looks just right.  What happened?

Whatever happened, the reality is that I had to rip out about eight inches of good, solid knitting.  I hate that.

We'll cover up the lack of progress with my knitting, with a photo of my neighbor Amy, a new knitter whose needles are, apparently, on fire.  [I had nothing to do with this, I swear.  Amy discovered knitting all on her own.]  She's been knitting for only a couple of months and she's already on project four.  Go Amy!  Amy is also a very good sport.  She came upstairs only to drop off her condo check not thinking that she would be a star in a photo shoot.  Here she is with project two, the Darci Scarf, by Datherine Shu, from knit wit:


I like her version a lot better than the one pictured in the book.



We've got another knitter in the house.  Who-hoo!


Now you just have to convert her to a blogger! :)

It just seems everyone is knitting..it's such a terrific relaxing hobby everybody should give it a try!

Love your last few posts while I was out of town. Its always great to have a new knitter nearby! I always am discovering that people I know already knit, nevermind the random knitters I meet on the street. I love that green yarn...

Hey guys, just a hint if you want to make the Darci scarf with normal yarn instead of tulle. I only wrapped the yarn around the needle 2x (instead of 3x) on the stretched out rows. You'd probably figure that out yourself... but...


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