Tea Time!

I stopped off at my local café on my way home last evening.  Over a steaming pot of herbal tea (steaming, because apparently it is still almost winter in Boston) I knit a bit on the right front of Venus:


Once the slanted bottom is finished, these pieces seem to go fast.  Maybe the weather is waiting for me to finish my top.  Better get knitting!

In case you were curious, it was this windy in Boston yesterday:



Oh boy - that's a great picture of the fire post thingy.

I haven't been to the new Java Jo's yet, but the original one is just up the street from me, and I used to go there all the time.

I am sending you some sun-it was raining here a lot lately and today we have a really nice European like sunny day (European because there is no humidity yet). The tea-knitting picture is fantastic, the light, the colors! I have no energy to post on my blog but my job is nice:)

If I see another day of rain in the forecast ONE MORE TIME, I'm gonna hurt someone.

I love the second photo, and love the teapot in the first.
Same weather here, with lots of rain. Keep knitting. ;-)

Looks like some lovely quite, quality knitting time. Wow, pretty windy!

check out the "wind" pictures on my blog! I know how you feel... I moved the winter clothes back OUT of storage last night. brrr... even turned on the HEAT! the week before memorial day? yikes!
:) Kate

Yes, this is NOT springtime weather!! That's one nifty teapot, though . . . I love cool little teapots (sigh).

Ooh, it's so refreshing to return from 90+ degree weather in Mexico into good old rainy cold Boston! (Mike and I are the ONLY ONES enjoying this weather.) I love that picture of the call box. Imagine what it looks like on the coast this morning.

Yeah. Yeah. You'd think you Boston people have a monopoly on the cold. NEW JERSEY IS NOT IMMUNE! IT'S FREEZING DOWN HERE! And cold. And wet. Perfect for tea and knitting.

I'm with Claudia. Many days of cold and rain, combined with young children cooped up in the house, does not make for happy times!
I want some tea and scones RIGHT NOW. ;)
Are you going to Cummington? If so, hope to meet you!

I feel so unoriginal. I looked, I loved the teapot, I hit comment to tell you so, and there is That Cassie telling you the same thing. I've got to get up earlier if I want to be first. Still love the teapot.
And yesterday was freaking cold down here, too. I wore a sweater. In May. I am not happy about this.

That picture looks so comforting, tea, knitting and look at those cookies.

i love pics, those two were great..Boston, what a beautiful place, lots to see and take pics of..:-)
have a great weekend..

OH my goodness!!!

Yuck. We have the same weather up here in Maine (where I'm on "vacation"), and I'm getting mightily sick of it!

Loving your website, not loving the Boston weather! Will summer ever come?? Your knitting is great, and your blog is super fun. Thanks for the PDA links...
Take care,

now that's windy

haha holy shit on the lamp post!

I love the tea pot used by the cafe! It looks simple but sophisticated!
So it is no kidding in Boston when you said it is windy, I suppose? And I guess you can't rely on the lamp post to keep you from being blown away!


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