Sweet Madeleine

There must be a song title with "Madeleine" in it, I simply cannot think of one at the moment.

So...with Venus under the knitting belt, it's time to move on to the next Rowan project: Madeleine.  I spend a long time studying the pattern, making notes, and checking measurements.

I plan to change the collar.  (Knit a pattern as written? Me? Never!)  I thought long and hard about the turtleneck, and since I spend (what seems like) 90 percent of the year in heavy winter clothes, whenever possible I have to break out with lighter things.

A dramatic top like Madeleine deserves better than a simple round neck.  I found the solution in 1000 Sweaters--the book I use when I need to find just the right garment detail:


A nehru collar, with its little slit in the front.  What do you think?

I think that things look pretty good for a trip to Cummington later this morning.



Cummington, huh? Is it October yet?! (Rhinebeck)

Lucky you!!! Have fun at the Festival! I like the Nehru collar, too.

That collar will compliment the cables wonderfully! Great idea. :)

Ooh, baby sheep! Please take lots of pictures. Can't wait to see the unveiling of Venus--and what yarn for Madeline.

I like the Nehru collar for it. Have you decided how you want to work the cables into the split yet?

I'm not a big fan of turtleneck with sleeveless. The nehru neckline will be perfect. Can't wait to see the finished design.

I agree with Lisa - something a little odd about a sleeveless number having a turtleneck - is it supposed to warm you up, or cool you off? I know you've already figured out how to work in that nehru collar into those cables without causing too much damag or cable-less-ness around the slit - go maths!

oh I am glad you are doing a different collar...turtlenecks in the summer....I just don't get it.

I know 2 songs with Medeline in them. One from Sesame Street that goes "Madlenka, Madlenka lives in the universe...." I know not everybody watches that show but I have to:)and another one is in Polish and is very, very romatic and goes like this "O Madelineeeee, though you are for everybody noone can have youuuuu, O Madelineeeee I can only dream about youuuuuu", it was a real hit when I was at the high school. Sorry but cannot give you a sound or the real CD. Anyway it is in Polish so....

I agree with everyone about the turtleneck/sleeveless combo... I've never understood it. I think the Nehru option is a great choice and will definitely compliment the Madeleine design.

In my head I'm hearing "Sweet Madeleine" a la Neil Diamond, I hope that Caroline doesn't mind. :)

I'm interested to see how you do it with this collar. I always find cable things a pain in the you know where to alter because the cables get off centered or you get some unwanted flair. I detest turtle necks, feel like I'm being throttle so alternatives are always welcomed.

Whoa, I was singing "Sweet Madeleine" in my head, too. Weeeird.

And definitely go for the Nehru collar. Much summerier!

I still think Madeleine is misspelled. ;)

I can't wait to see your progress on it.


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