Summer Knitting

Summer knitting with my Summer Tweed.  All I need are my new sunglasses, some iced tea (Long Island or otherwise), and a beach chair.

Granted, a beach chair would look a little bit strange in downtown Boston, so I'll settle for a park bench.


So far so good with Venus.  My gauge is oh-so-slightly different than the pattern's.  I'm getting 17 stitches and 25 rows to 10 centimeters, versus the pattern's 18 stitches and 26 rows.  That equates to about 1/4th less of a stitch and a row per 2.5 centimeters (1 inch).  Not much, but enough to add up a little bit over an entire garment.

I'm winging the adjustments here.  I changed the number of stitches I cast on (80 versus 85), the bust increases and the armhole shaping, but when I sat down to do the math for the waist decreases, the difference between the pattern and my revised instructions was so slight that I decided to knit the pattern as written.


Looks good! Is it Summer up there? Feels like we've had a blast of Fall.

Colleen! Knitting the pattern as written? Sorry I need to go and lie down, I've come over all peculiar!

I think that's smart. Sometimes wringing your head out over gauge just isn't worth it!


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