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As you other Typepadders know, Typepad gives me limited information about how people find my blog.  I know if someone has hit my site from a search engine, and which terms were used to find me.  I don't,  however, know who is doing this, and that is just fine with me.

There are a few informational posts, such as the one about Boston Chinatown fabric stores (see my sidebar), which generate quite a lot of traffic.  I'm glad that many people find practical information from my blog.

Then there are the search terms that always make me laugh.  Back in April I wrote a post entitled "Free Yarn".  Do you know how many people google "free yarn"?  Free yarn?!  Let's get real, people.

There are also the search terms that I can describe only as odd.  "Nake girl" is a popular one (and will be even more so, now that I've used those two words together).  Why "nake" instead of "naked"?  I must be missing something.  Does anyone care to clue me in?

Now that the weather has warmed in much of the Northern hemisphere, (Boston, Massachusetts being the notable exception) the "wool fetish" hits have decreased.  They have been replaced by "subway girl".  Who is this subway girl, and why is she so popular?

Of course, there are also hits from people who are googling my blog name, and that's just exciting.


How can you tell the google search terms? So far, all I've been able to figure out is the list of referring sites.

Boston isn't the only place in deep freeze. I think it might snow in Jersey. Seriously.

Yup, pretty un-May weather in NYC.
I'm always confused when somebody googles "Memoija". I mean, it's not even a word!

Claudia just said she is still wearing her wool sweater and shivering this morning! Surely Boston is an exception, I think.
These statistics are interesting. I should check my site tracking (I'm using a free one, but quite some information given to me already) to see how people google to my site.

Have been lurking at your blog for quite a while now, but this post makes me de-lurk.
I'm also amazed with which google-searches people find my blog! My blog is called orang merajut, I had some(10 or so) clicks from google israel and russia searching for orang or orang utan. Just imaging a person searching for apes and finding a knitting blog :-)

I titled a post "what to do if your (upper extremity ends) are (encased in rope) behind your back". It was the book meme post. Yeah, you know what searches I got mentioned in. I also tried to avoid some searches by putting dashes in between the letters of potentially "hot button" words. Doesn't work. Google ignores the dashes.

I found a link to you on Mrs Pilkington's blog and I was immediately drawn to yours as I too am a subway knitter ( in NYC). You should definately try knitting on an express B train in Brooklyn as it's barreling down the tracks, and rocking back and forth. If you don't drop stitches then you never will. Now that I think of it though, I used to live in Boston and I can't quite imagine knitting on the Green line as it heads out toward Brookline and Newton...wooh!

I also don't know how to get to the google search words... Mine is An Abundance of Lisa, so I don't know how people would get to mine without searching for at least two of those words.

Another typepad question: how can I put in code for a bloglines/blogrolling link list? Anyone know?

that's why i included "zoo love" in my most recent post. see what kind of wackos would end up at my site.

heh heh

um,,,i just noticed that i'm not listed on your blogs that you read list.


LOL! I usually get a good giggle from the google searches too. My DH has a Star Wars Replica Lightsabre, and I once posted a pic. FOr the past few weeks, I've been getting at least 5 hits a day just on that pic.
I'll bet my site is not what they're expecting :)

I think I found your blog as a link either through Dee at sequink or wendyknits. It is fun to peruse the other bloggers that way and see what people like to knit and to knit with. Thanks for keeping your blog active and current.

hee hee hee - remember when someone found Wendy's blog by googling "Wears Men's Underpants?" hee hee hee

To pop out of lurkdom, I found your site through someone else's just recently. I heard about the Spring Breeze top you designed and I wanted to see it. I think I might have commented on the post for that as well. But I found you and I'm enjoying your blog.


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