Speedy Delivery

My LYS rocks!  One week (yes, that's seven days) after I placed a special order for some Rowan Wool Cotton, my cellphone was ringing in my bag.  My yarn had arrived!

I don't know what it says about me that my LYS knows how to reach me 24/7 :-).

The Violet coloway, 933, looks nothing like what you see on Rowan's website. It's not really a definable color.  Depending on the light source the yarn can be gray, violet, or blue.  It's very mysterious.  The below photos are an attempt to illustrate the colorway's mutability.

Is it gray?

Or is it violet?

How about blue?

Do you see what I mean?

Oooh, I cannot wait to start Madeleine!


Looks absolutely lovely! Rowan has a way with colors, doesn't it? The yarn I bought for my Fibo looks gray, brown, blue, purple, depending on the light. Look at you, not even done with one Rowan project and already starting the next!

WOOL COTTON! My desert island yarn! Btw - it looks green to me in picture number two. It's all about white balance. Trust me on this.

I think that's called being your dealer.

heh heh heh...

I was just going to say that pic #2 looks green to me, too, but of course Cara, the wonder photographer, beat me to the punch. What a great colorway, it should be very versatile and fit in well with lots of other shades in your wardrobe.

I knit gloves out of 933 Wool Cotton. I couldn't believe when I looked up the color name and saw Violet!

Oooh, love the color. I was fondling some Wool Cotton the last time I was at A Good Yarn. Lovely stuff.

All 3 shades look pretty, and so is Madeleine.

i love all three shades, lol.

I love Madeleine! (And not just because of the name.)


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