Rowan Sightings

At Windsor Button I saw this:


Look!  It's Summer Tweed!

A couple of weeks ago at Knitsmiths, Claire and I were chatting with Sara (Sarah?) about yarn stores.  Claire mentioned that Windsor Button has expanded its yarn department by leaps and bounds.  I agree!  Every time I go in there I see more yarn, books, and supplies for us knitters.

I think that we Bostonians are lucky to have so many yarn shops, and yarn shops staffed by knowledgeable knitters.  The two women behind the counter were passionately discussing the merits of the Summer Sundress on the cover of IK.  That's another thing that I like to see in a yarn store: people who are aware of what's out there now. 

This doesn't mean that I'm about to ditch my usual yarn haunts, but I'm excited to know that there's Rowan within walking distance of my office.


Sigh. So beautiful, it makes my eyes hurt. WB is one of my favorite stores if I don't want any salespeople to talk to me. They like it when I walk in with my headphones on... it's a clear message of "don't even bother." Now if they would only be open on Sundays!

Windsor Button is only a few blocks from my office! It's a great pick me up on those days when I just have to escape, even if only for a few minutes.

Summer Tweed, a delight to wear, wonderful colours but it's like knitting with cardboard. I always get jealous of all the wonderful knitting shops in the US but I've very lucky in that I occasionally get to go to them too.

You know I've never been there! I need to hop on the T a little more often.

I have never heard of Windsor Button, but just looked at the site to see where it is! I'll have to check that out at some point, though I usually don't head in that direction all too often. Its always good to have a new store in mind to visit!

I love Windsor Button, but I'm glad it's not within walking distance ... that would be very, very dangerous for me!

Wow, if I had any yarn store within walking distance of the office, surely the office stash will overflow out of the filing cabinet! But that would be so nice. I could spend all my lunch hours at the yarn store and not eat and be slim too!

People complain about cabling with Summer Tweed as it doesn't give causing a few breaks. It feels a little strange to knit with but boy it grows quickly and the colours just glow.

Those colors are so beautiful!

great colors!


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