Rowan Longings

On Tuesday I wrote that I had the Rowan itch.  Oh boy do I ever have that itch.

There are two patterns that call for Rowan yarns which are currently under consideration:

1.  Madeleine, by none other than Marta (Marta just had a birthday, so go over there and wish her a happy one).   I could fit myself into the largest size.  There are cables, lots of cables, and this would be an opportunity to try Wool Cotton.  Marta, I have a couple questions for you.  How much ease do you expect this garment to have?   Yours fits quite snuggly, and it's very flattering.  Does the all-over cable require a reverse ease?


2.  Venus, in Rowan 33.  I saw Dava knitting this and thought "must have".   I love the style, and need I extoll the virtues of Summer Tweed?  No, I don't think so.  The seed stitch pattern might be a little too much for my eyes, but how about that twisted stockinette?


Well, what's a knitter to do?  How do I choose?  I'm heading over to my local Rowan "stockist", and base my decision on the coloways available for each yarn.


I vote for Venus. It will be a fast knit for you (especially in twisted stockinette), and personally, I just don't get sleeveless with turtlenecks...

I'll agree with Dava on not getting sleeveless turtlenecks, but I've got a SERIOUS cable jones, so I'd go with Madeline!

Dear Colleen, the Madeleine I knit for maself is quite tight, I just wanted something fitted. Since I have a very small waist and quite large hips (ok, it's relative...), there are a lot of dicreases involved. I think this kind of sweater should be fitted. What do you mean with reverse ease? I don't know that expression... Hope I can be helpful - but don't overestimate my knitting skills...
Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!!!My salsaparty was a lot of fun. Take care!

Ooo, I love Venus and the twisted stockingnette. I'll have to locate a copy of that pattern book. (Do they have yarn stores in NYC?)

I made a sweater 'once' in seed stitch. Loved the fabric but it took me years to make. I plan on frogging it this summer to recycle the Rowan Tweed since I never wear it.

Oh, and the 'foghorn' is still at it.

By the time you finish it, it may be close to fall, so I'd go with the top one. Either are great, but more versatility from the top one, I think.

I vote for Madeline as well, and if you're not confident the turtleneck will be appropriate - change it! Its a beautiful design.

I love the shape of Venus. A sleeveless turtleneck always seemed like an oxymoron to me.

I love Madeleine. Twisted st st has a pretty severe bias so I'd watch out doing a whole garment in it (I accidentally did several while I was learning. Not pretty.).

I love Marta's pattern! Thanks for the link.

I like Madeleine too. Maybe a differenet neck?

I'm partial to Venus. :-)

I think it'll look great on you and the twisted stockinette is perfect for it.

But, you need to go with what you love!

Do them both, it's a big itch!

I wish I could sing the praises of RST. I just traded it away -- I could have gifted it to you had I known.


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