Just call me Swearing Subway Knitter.  After reaching a pivotal point in my knitting, I paused to count my stitches.  Count, count, count: 43.  That's odd, because I should have 38; let me do that again.  Yup, it's 43.


The knitting went back into the bag, where it would be safe from harm.


Isn't it funny how I immediately blamed the knitting?  As if somehow five stitches magically appeared out of nowhere.  When I ascertained that the knitting was not to blame, I shifted to the pattern.  Nope, all is well there.  Then, and only then, did I count the cast-on stitches.

Now, if you think that I'm an obsessive swatcher, you don't know about my counting.  I constantly count.  Unfortunately, I counted for the wrong number: 59 instead of 55.  Whoops!

Not a big deal, but in some projects that could spell disaster.  I can make up the extra ease by moving the fastener a bit if I need to do so.


I like how you worded that: put it back in the bag "where it would be safe from harm"... is this harm from you ripping it or more stitches spontaneously appearing? :) This happens to me all of the time... you get going, not really paying attention... I have never ripped my stitches when this happens, and so far, no adverse consequences.

Have a good one, Colleen!

I'm a counter too. For the first 15 rows or so, I keep my cast-on stitch markers in place spaced out in intervals of 20 stitches, so I know exactly where I'm at all times. Doesn't mean I don't cast-on eight million times to get there - it's always that last group - the one that doesn't equal 20 - that screws me up. So sorry. At least you don't seem THAT upset. (By the way - I'd blame the knitting too. At least at first.)

I'm also a major counter. I re-arrange my markers depending on how many stitches, but I am always counting -- especially before and after increases/decreases. I've also become a row counter too. Don't you just love ziplock bags for holding projects -- the best! And I'd blame the knitting too.

I'd be careful of discounting that much extra ease.

Dont you just hate that! Oh man...do I every have a lot of those filled ziplocked bags! It's all the knittings fault...totally!

Oh yikes! I'm glad the knitting is safe and sound in its baggie. Happens to all of us, 5 stitches is so few and easy to miss until way too late in the pattern. And the cursing? Oh yeah, I know something about that, as long as that AV sweater is still on my needles.

Personally, I'd blame the yarn. It just looks like a trouble-maker to me!

Oh gosh, that picture of the sealed bag of kntting really made me laugh!!! I'm a counter too, and the other night I had a problem with a Rowan pattern (Lauren, from Rowan Linen Print Collection). I'm on my third ball of yarn and was so frustrated and confused that I actually heard myself say to my 4 kids, "Don't ANYONE speak to me right now because I have a VERY SERIOUS problem and I am on the verge of ripping this thing apart!" I had to put it away, safely, in a bag, and hide it in the closet so I couldn't see it. It's fixed now. :)

Umm.. i hear you! I have a sweater that is safely encased in a ziplock, inside a "not in use" knitting bag, next to the closet, with a "happy WIP" on top of it! And it's all the knitting's fault!
Love your blog! It's a daily read for me!
keep up the great knitting and I hope those 5 extra stiches don't make too much ease!

I think I'm an obsessive counter, too. :)

oops. I do things like this all the time. I like your idea of the plastic bag, to quarantine the offending knitting till you decide what to do with it. Hope it gets sorted out without too much pain.

IMHO it's the yarn's fault. I have actually used yarn that simply would NOT behave. I tried three different projects on it, none of which were successful. I actually ripped it out one time, threw the yarn on the floor and stomped on it 'till I felt better.
It is now a "shawl" decorating one wall in my dog's crate.

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