Oh Yeah!

Sometimes  I swatch to see if I like a stitch pattern.


Using some leftover Summer Tweed, I tested twisted stockinette as an alternative to the seed stitch recommended for Venus.  I think I like it better than seed stitch, which is a good thing.  I cannot do an entire project in seed.  Although I love the look, I know the constant K1,P1 will drive my eyes batty, not to mention make me crazy.


Oh! I recommend that highly!

What's the stitch pattern for twisted stockinette?

I'm not a big fan of knitting seed stitch, either. It looks beautiful, but the knitted fabric usually ends up being too stiff and/or thick for me, unless it's something like a collar or edging.

Lovely, lovely yarn. I've never knit with it - guess I'll have to give it a go....

i love seed stitch...but have only done it for baby sweaters. but the twisted stockinette looks SO cool! where did you find that stitch pattern at? i've never heard of it...

I love the way that looks! Go for it!

Please add me to the list of people who are requesting info about twisted stockinette. I recently knit a sweater that called for twisted stockinette, but since I couldn't find a good description of it, I replaced it with 2x2 ribbing. I'd appreciate the info.
Oh yes, this swatch does look good!

I love seed stitch as well, but it does take forever. It makes awesome borders though! Nice swatch!


I'm waxing nostalgic and feeling pangs of homesickness as I read your blog. I am a Cantabridgian transplanted (against my will) to the D.C. Metro area by my military husband. I never rode the T without a knitting project in my bag, and the 1369 in Central Square was a favorite spot for me.
I'll be linking to you and keeping up with what's happening on the Boston area knitting scene vicariously through you.

Knit on.



it looks really good for the summer tweed, good plan, Colleen!


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