Here I am, doing my part (along with Julia and Margene) to hold down KnitBlogland USA while the rest of you go to MDS$W.    Oh well, I shall live vicariously through the newsy, photo-laden blog posts I expect to read.  Do some yarn shopping for me, would ya?

Back to the knitting....

So, I reknit the secret project to match a dimension on the SP prototype (it didn't take very long).  This was the dimension that I first thought was too small, then I thought it was just right.  Now, again, I'm nervous that this dimension is too small.

AHHHHH!  What is happening?  Did the prototype relax and stretch a bit?  Perhaps.  The thing to do, I think, is to block it and see if that relaxes the fibers and the fit.  This yarn has seriouls blockability.  Take water, add a little soap, and your Cascade 220 will turn into a knitted ball of mush.  If the blocking doesn't work, I'll be vexed.  Vexed, I tell you.  Vexed!

Want to see:


Too bad the soap suds are in the way.... :-).


Can't wait for the unveiling...hope it goes well.

OH!! You are a tease, Colleen!

Thanks for keeping us distracted while everybody else brags about going to Maryland. Eh.

Tricky tricky. Do you want to wash Naomi after you are done washing your secret project? She could really use a bath! ...maybe you could stretch her out a bit too. She's a bit small. :-)

With events like Maryland, Rhinebeck, and Stitches, there's always something turning my fiber heart green. Thanks for keeping me amused!

Can't wait to see what comes out of the sudsy bath! Cascade 220 is probably the easiest yarn to mess with once its had a bath. You should be able to stretch it, block it, etc into whatever which way and form. Good luck! At least there is nothing better to do today with all this crappy weather! Have a good weekend!

Hey! Did you steal that photo (and that story) off my blog? :) I don't know about you, but I have zero (zero!) desire to go to one of these festivals. Let the others enjoy them, I'll knit right here in my living room, thank you very much :). Good luck with your project!

LOL! Great photo!
Good luck on the blocking.

ooo, can't wait to see what emerges from the suds.


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