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Friday evening, pre-Harlot, I was at my usual subway station, Forest Hills.  It's the end of the line for us Orange Line straphangers.  A well-dressed woman in a red coat and matching polka-dot scarf was to my left on the stairs.  She removed her iPod earphones, turned to me, and asked "Excuse me, are you Subway Knitter?"  Well, if you're reading this blog you know that I am, indeed, Subway Knitter, but imagine my surprise when I realized that I could be spotted in a crowd.  (Spotted without yarn and needles in my hand, no less!  It was a rare no-knitting subway journey.)  Turns out that Kate (sp?) is a passionate (but blogless) knitter from Roslindale, and I was pleased that she said hello.  Hi, Kate!  Thanks for reading.  I'll admit that I felt a little bit like a rock star.

Then there's Kat who lives right down the street from me.  Literally, I walk by her house every day.  Not in a kind of stalker sort of way, but rather an it's-on-my-way-to-the-train kind of thing.  She, I just discovered, recently started her own blog, For My Next Project.  I know Kat from Circles, and I'm happy to see that she's blogging now.  Everyone go on over there and say hi to Kat.

There are knitters everywhere you go.  You just have to know where to look.

Hey, happy May Day everyone!


That is so cool..that you were recognized from your blog! It just goes to show you that it's really a small world!

Oh, that is so hilarious! I am in Roslindale, about 5 minutes from Forest Hills... I live near Peter's Hill and the arboretum! My cousin lives a block away from the station and uses it all the time (though I think she takes the bus). If you run into another knitter names Rachel that is my cousin! So funny....Thanks for posting about this for us locals! (My cousin and I just started knitting with some friends of friends...that usually takes place in Rossy, JP area if you are interested let me know!)

You were right about the linkfest! I haven't even seen The Harlot yet (she arives in Michigan on the 6th and I have to drive for 3.5 hours to see her and would crawl over broken glass to get but every blog I read who's seen her has lots of links to other bloggers who were there. In fact, that is how I happen to be posting here, and having you on my Bloglines now.

Community. It's really important, and one of the biggest things this tour has done is to unite the community even more...

Good to know/read you!


You ARE a rock star, Colleen - didn't you know? :)


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