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If you live in Boston, you know that the Green Line is not what one might describe as "reliable". I could have driven to Worcester in the same time that it took me to go three for four lousy miles.  [Former Bostonians, am I bringing back any memories?]  I couldn't even knit!  The train was that crowded.  As we pulled into Hynes (formerly Auditorium), who was there waiting on the platform, but Knitsmith Elizabeth.  Of course the train was so crowded that Elizabeth couldn't get on (or she was waiting for another train).


Okay, well, not the best picture, but she caught me by surprise.  As the Subway Knitter, I feel a responsibility to chronicle fellow strap-hanging fiber fanatics whenever possible.  We raised our knitting bags in some sort of strange fibery salute, and off I went through the tunnel.  An hour later, I arrived at my destination.

When I learned how to knit, many years ago (six) I never imagined that such a quiet solitary activity could, at the same time, be such a public and social one.  You knitters know what I mean.   Isn't it fun?

Get a group of us together and we immediately have at least one thing in common.  Once the ice is broken and the needles come out we'll discover many more similarities.

Yup, eating great food and knitting with friends; it's a nice way to spend a Tuesday evening.  I need to get over my fear of entertaining and do something like this myself.

Blogging is, as you all know, another fantastic resource for us knitters.  A big "thank you" to everyone who offered a comment or advice on the Bling Bling I blogged about yesterday.  It will be a while before I make my way to knitting with it--there are a few projects ahead of it in the queue.

Speaking of knit bloggers, have you read this interesting article?  Not too surprising.

One more thing...Knitsmith Emily has a newish blog.


I'm glad that you had a good time. I definitely did and we'll be doing it again real soon!

Did you see that this blog also mentions that WendyKnits is the most popular knitting blog? Way to go Wendy!

Oh yeah, I remember those green lines days of old. I used to live in Allston and instead of walking 2 blocks to take the green train, I'd wait for a bus to ride into Central or Harvard Square just so I could take the red line. Anyway, I enjoy reading your knitblog. =)

Knitting is almost like a secrety society, there's code words like k2tog and tinking, a new knitter is welcomed and taught those code words one by one. It's a language all of it's own, and knitting and blogging are becoming the secret secret society that's very public.

I love being a knitter, now if only we could get Pierce Brosnan in our society and he could come visit all of us.

As a former and future (moving back in a month) Bostonian, I have to answer with a resounding "yes!" The green line is truly a nightmare. Especially when baseball season rolls around. It's awful when the train is so packed that you have to stand on the stairs that you're supposed to walk up to get into the actual train. And the backpacks, oh the backpacks! All of the students with their huge bags protruding from their backs, taking up twice as much room as they should, wacking bystanders as they muscle throgh the crowds. When I was commuting to Boston during college, I took the commuter rail. It can be just as awful as the green line during rush hour, but the chances of getting a seat are definitely higher.

On a less homicide-inducing note, I can't wait to get back to Boston to check out all of the knitting shops! I didn't knit when I left for Los Angeles 2 1/2 years ago, and am looking forward to scouring the greater Boston area to find the best yarn :)

I used to try to take the D line to work at DFCI, but the Longwood area is a DISASTER. Then I discovered the magic of the 67 bus from Brighton, on which I could happily knit. But I miss Boston, because I now live in Worcester, which has no public transportation to speak of, and not much else going for it either...

Ahhhhh, the good old green line. There's a reason I walk the extra two blocks to get to the Orange instead.


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