Just needs a button

This weekend turned out to be an excellent drying weekend!  My Venus dried quickly on Saturday. 

I attached the shoulders with the three-needle bind-off (Why don't more patterns call for short-row shaping and the three-needle bind-off?  They're both such easy techniques and the results look great.)

The great thing about tanks: no sleeves.  Once I had the shoulders together all I needed to do was mattress stitch the side seams.


Ta-dah!  Oh, it's not quite finished yet--there are still buttons to buy and sew to the front.  I sense a trip to Windsor Button in my future.


Hey! The Venus looks fabu! :) I was trying to track back to see who/what/where the pattern is for...can you provide some info for moi? My SIL would LOVE that! Also, FYI from one Boston chica to another: Wild and Woolly in Lexington is having it's HUGE annual clearance this week... just got the post card this weekend. :)I like the "alternative" neckline...I am not into "simple rounded necklines"... I would buy my sweaters from J Crew if I wanted that. :) Have a great (short) week!

It looks great. It's funny -- in the pic, in that natural color, it almost looks like a woven linen top. Very classic.

Beautiful - I love the color. Can't wait to see what button you use! :)

Looks great! Can't wait to see what buttons you pick. (And I love that when you say Windsor Button - my mind goes directly to the back with all that yarn!)

Looks great! The ladies at Windsor Button will hook you up, don't worry. Just don't get sucked into buying more Rowan, hehe! I convert all patterns to have SR shoulders and 3-needle BOs - really, the best!

So close to the finish line, it's a great quick knit!

I LOVE the three-needle bind-off! The first time a pattern called for it, I wondered the same thing: WHY don't people use this more often?

It looks great. Nice and textured and earthy.

And, does one really need an excuse to visit Windsor Button? ;-)

Cute cute cute, love that summer tweed. Get buttons on it now, it will be sleeveless weather this weekend!

You could potentially have a great deal of fun finding a unique and funky button for this. I can't wait to see what you come up with, and to see the top on if you feel okay with a modeling picture. Headless, maybe? :)

It looks lovely on the grass and sunny enough to wear your tank.

oooooooohhhhhhh, isn't that lovely!! OK, you make summer tweed look good. Normally, I'm not a fan - but that looks really beautiful!

Glad you had such a good time at Cummington - and what's this about a farm in Dorchester? Certainly not the Dorchester I know...

Another wonderful project, as usual, looks fabulous!

Colleen -- It's beautiful! Can't wait to see it in person...



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