It's not an Illusion

This piece of knitting is actually slanted.


I cast on for the left front of Venus.  The slanting is a result of short-row shaping.  I love shortrows; they're so much fun and so easy to do.

Venus has sloped fronts.  Because the entire garment is angled in some way, I don't think a slight slant to each piece of the tank will be noticeable if some of the wonkiness I showed you yesterday remains after blocking.


Your pic isn't working.

Yup. Here too.

Same. Can't wait to see it, though!

cool! I just looked up the pattern, and its really cute. I love tops with sloping fronts. Its going to look great!

I can see your pic, but Rowan's never shows up. Gah! I'm dieing of curiosity here.

Very nice! Yes, if the slant remains after won't matter...can't wait to see the FO!

Wow ... you knit so fast! I think an FO is near in sight!

Short rows ARE cool but it took me way too long to figure them out. I couldn't and couldn't...and then one day in the pool during a workout it was like, SHA ZAMMMMMMM! Got it. They are great, huh. Your tank looks very nice.

Looks great. You are one speedy knitter!

Whoa... between the short row slant and the bias of the twisted stitch, that's one interestingly-shaped sweater.

Have you begun to tilt your head spontaneously? Wear one flat shoe, one heel?



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