It's All Over but the Blocking

Once I start shaping the slope of each of these front pieces, the knitting goes quickly.  Suddenly, I was at the shoulder shaping, then suddenly I was done.

What else was left to do except block and seam?


I'll get to the seaming eventually, if this stuff ever dries.  Is it just me, or do others remember a time when "May" meant "warm weather when you can dry things outside"?


Its starting to be hot as blue blazes down here so drying things outside isn't a problem. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Cool! The knitting, that is...

May used to mean we didn't need to have the heat on in the house, even up here in Vermont. But we still do this year. It's outrageous! Yay for the blocking, though!

Ship it off to Seattle. We've been uncharacteristically hot hot hot up here the last few days, up to the 85-90 mark.

From this photo, I don't see much of a slanted hem, maybe just an inch's worth. Did you change the pattern much or is it a trick of the eye? Maybe when it's being worn it drapes differently, too. This top should make for a very cool summer outfit.

oh i just love to see it all blocked out like that.

Yay! Can't wait to see it all seamed up :). That was a quick one... do you think the twisted stockinette took any longer to knit than regular stockinette?


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