I have a fever...

...and the only prescription is MORE ROWAN!

My apologies to the SNL crew.  I finally, finally scratched my Rowan itch at my Rowan LYS.  Want to see what I bought?


It's Summer Tweed in "Rush", colorway 507.  As you might remember it was down to either the Summer Tweed or the Wool Cotton.  I let my LYS's inventory make the decision for me.  I'm sorry Marta.  I really wanted the winner to be the Wool Cotton, but my first-choice colorway (Violet, 933) was not in stock.  The wonderful new manager at A Good Yarn placed a special order for me last week, so there will be some Violet in the stash box very soon.

It's full speed ahead for Venus.  Let the summer knitting begin!


Good girl, two orders of Rowan that's what I like to see.

Excellent yarn porn shot. Makes me drool. I've got Chamomile on my To-Do list, in a neutral color. Rush is one of the contenders. Wool Cotton (#911-Rich) is making its appearance in the form of my husband's next sweater. Great minds, and all......

Egads! Stop teasing me. I love the look/feel/smell of Summer Tweed, but somehow, we can't work together. Now, you are flashing Summer Tweed porn -- making me forget about my past difficulties with it.

hehe, don't be sorry, the summer tweed is great! Can't wait to see your Venus.

Let the cowbells ring in your success with this project! Cute!

Wow! I love your new summer tweed. That is some great yarn! I was just at A Good Yarn on Saturday exchanging a few things. I saw your link to the new manager... she is great! I cheated on her quiz about what that yarn is going to be, since she told me on Sat! THanks for all the good links!

Yum. Y-u-m. and YUMMMMM.

Venus in that color will be tres chic! Nothing like more Rowan to brighten one's day.

I'm a big KH fan. I think this will look great on you. I actually have the Summer Tweed patternbook and have yet to start anything from it! I'm thinking I may make a cardi version of Rogue out of Summer Tweed. I need to knit with that yarn!

Thanks for your kind comments on my my blog--it was really fun to pop over and see what you've been up to (I've now subbed on Bloglines). I think you'll enjoy knitting Venus once you get used to the summer tweed--I loved making Able (same mag) and it's really cool yarn. Some people hate it, but not me.

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