How to Flatter a Knitter

Knit one of her patterns!

Take a look at Chris's fabulous version of my Spring Breeze Top.  Great job Chris, and you've truly made my week :-).

Since I don't have a photo of the top (but Chris does, so bop on over to her blog and have a look) I'll leave you with a Boston-in-spring photo:


That's Park Street Church standing tall behind the Granary Burying Ground.  Both are stops on the Freedom Trail.  The third week of April (traditionally school-vacation week in the northeast US) marks the beginning of tourist season in ye olde Boston.  By now, we are well on our way to summertime tourist overload.  Look at the expressions of those people at the bottom:  Must keep walking!  Must see Boston!

p.s.  For everyone who wondered but was afraid to ask, twisted stockinette is a two-row stitch pattern that is easy-peasy.

Row 1:  Knit each stitch through the back loop.
Row 2:  Purl across normally.

Repeat.  That's it!


Must be such a thrill to see your pattern in action! We went to a restaurant last night in the city and I SWEAR we were the only people speaking English. Every season is tourist season in New York. Crazy!

Nice shot. I'm always stunned by the progression of pear blossoms, cherry trees and crabapples along Storrow Drive and the Esplanade. The crabbies are just about to pop.

She did a great job didn't she? Beautiful blossom, makes you so happy to see it.

Chris's top looks great! Do you have any suggestions for a cotton (or anything not wool) yarn? Thanks!

Terrific photos. Glad spring is arriving.
My darling daughter is moving to North End ("spitting distance" from freedom trail and Old North Church. Once she's out of school, I hope she gets to know all you knitters. She's a "T" knitter, too.


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