Look at the curve of this armhole:


I love it!  Every four rows I knit three together on each side.  I like the line that the decreases make in the fabric, and the curve is somehow different than other armholes that I have worked.  It seems rounder than other techniques.

Oooh, I am one happy knitter these days.


Very nice! I like the look of this summer tweed, I must look into it. How does it knit?

I like Kim Hargreaves design techniques they are usually simple but very effective! I like the way the summer tweed is knitting up.

She's always been my favourite. Have you seen her new site now she doesn't work for Rowan? If not go to http://www.kimhargreaves.co.uk/ and have a gander!

Yes! I like that little ridge line formed by decreasing too! My first sweater was a raglan (Rowan design) and I love it a lot! It looked complicated at first sight but turned out to be easy enough for a beginner to handle.
Keep us posted on the progress ... thanks.

Very nice. I've always been anoyed by the usual step-like decreases.

What a lovely curve! So very elegant.

What a beautiful curve!! Are you knitting 3 stitches together before the end stitch? I'm knitting my first sweater from last summers Rebecca mag and am not happy with the stepping stair curve.

Beautiful. Those step decreases always bug my inner design critic. I remember reading somewhere about a slip-stitch technique used in transitioning between the "steps" in most patterns. I need to hunt it down for more elegant decreases, unless, of course, the method you're using can be applied to other patterns. ;-)

Looks wonderful. It seems like a smoother curve might make seaming easier, too. And at the same time, if you're knitting a shell or a tank, a smooth curve might negate the need for edging.

Very nice--it is those little things that make a great pattern. Have fun with it :)

looks great - I can't stand when a pattern asks you to bind off as you go up an curve.

National Building Museum?? Who knew? And me, a drafter. . . Next time.

I love this curve too. The yarn looks great too.
A bientôt ;-)


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