Bling Bling

Look at this skein of Berroco Bling Bling.  That's a cotton-acrylic blend with spots of aluminum thrown in.  Very cool.


I bought this as an experimental skein.  I haven't seen a swatch of it in person, but I'm thinking "dressy tank".  A dressy thing is on the Subway Knitter 2005 to-knit list.  Because of the glittery metallic bits, I don't think that I would want to see anything more than a tank's worth of this yarn.  And, at $15 a pop (and "a pop" is 92 yards)  it's perfect for something small. 

Claudia, Knitter of Steel, do you have any opinions on this?

It will be a while before I get around to knitting anything with this yarn, so let's just stew a bit on the possibilities.


I like the yarn very much - I'd go for the little Trina tank for what it's worth. So many choices, so little knitting time!

oooooooooohhhhhhhhh, spppparrrrrkkkkkklllleeeeeeeee

**eyes glaze over**

That is sooooo cool! I can't wait to see it knitted up!

I see a fitted little tank, with which you will go clubbing and meet lots of handsome men.


Very nice, I think a tank is just the thing. Something a little clingy and a little daring would be my choice!

i vote for trina as well! i actually really love the malory top,,,but know you are aiming for a tank...

I like this yarn! I looked at the tanks, and I'm not sure what to recommend... Trina tank is very cute, but if you add BSC, it will be a copy of your summer tank. Marcella and Sharda have no BSC, and Marcella looks a bit, open? Is that the right word?

You know what would be super cute? Sleeveless tank with plenty of BSC, V-neck in the front AND the back. Or sleeveless tank with plenty of BSC, cowlneck (I've actually been thinking of a project like this for myself for a while now).

This is a gorgeous yarn. I don't usually like yarns with metallic in them, because they're usually too much for me. But this one is classy. The metallic is more subtle. It's going to be fabulous!

My first thought was, "Clapotis!" Then I saw the price and yardage, and went, "Uh, nope. Maybe not."

Perfect for a cute little tank!

How 'bout a tank that is high in the front with a deep V in the back? It might look sexy with the metallic. A front V in a knit tank can = lots of cleavage. Add a metallic pattern....
It all depends on how one is structured up front.

I would probably prefer that yarn for a super skinny, bias-knit scarf myself. Then again, that's about as advanced a project as I'd dare tackle with it! :)

I chose to make my daughter a gorgeous lacy crocheted shawl, but then I got the crazy idea it had to have a tank top to go w/ it. I turned a $50(on sale) project into a $150 project---but I STILL THINK IT 'S WORTH it! The top is still in progress--so go to it and enjoy! Sandy


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