Back Attack

Here's is the back of Venus:



A couple of weeks ago, Lauren left a comment warning about the potential for twisted stockinette to result in a crooked piece of knitting.  Although I knew that she was correct, I didn't see the slant happening in my swatch.  Somehow, I thought, I had appeased the knitting goddess and was getting unusually straight results.

Bwaaah-ha-ha-ha!  Wrong!  You can't see it well in the photo, this piece is, indeed, crooked.  If I didn't reposition it for the photograph, you'd see that it is quite crooked.  The good news is that I was able to reshape the fabric so that it lies straight.  I'll have to block this bad boy into submission.


Not to worry. I've made other twisted st st things and they were just fine - I loved the texture in fact.

It WILL be fine I assure you, (she says fingers crossed, clutching a shamrock, touching wood) no honestly, it will.

There you go with the "bad boy into submission." You know the wacky hits you'll be getting now ;).

Love that you do a 3-needle BO, that's my favorite.

I was folding laundry last night, and a lot of knits (not necessarily handknits) take on this twisted shape after washing or after use or something. Someone needs to explore this phenomemon and let the rest of the knit blog world know why that happens... why even if fabric is not cut on a bias, it strays away from its original rectangular shape.

Are you twisting the purl sts too? I couldn't tell in your close-ups because of the yarn texture.

it will sort itself out when it's all together. beside, isn't Venus asymemetrical anyway?
not sure it's worth investing a lot of effort in blocking, summer tweed does not keep its shape too well.

See, this is why I love reading the blogs. All sorts of handy tidbits. ;-)

It still looks great, and I can't believe how quickly it's coming along!


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