A Taste of What?

...of yarn.

Get a bunch of knitters together, and what do we do?  Eat, drink, and make merry, of course!  We will also knit.  If you're lucky, everyone brings some new yarn to try, and you each get a taste.

Well, I got lucky on Saturday.

A bunch of us gathered on Saturday afternoon to sample some yarns.  This was a fabulous idea, organized by none other than Mrs. Bookish herself.   We packed ourselves, our yarn, and our casserole dishes into Bookish Manor for an afternoon of good food and good knitting.  We missed you Julia, we really did :-(.

So many yarns to try, so little time.  I focused on five yarns that I had heard a lot about Knitpicks (Elegance), some Rowan (Cotton Glace) because you know I'm a Rowan ho, Berroco Suede, some Noro tree bark stuff, and some Debbie Bliss (Cathay) because I heard good things.  If I were really clever I would link to each of them.  I'm not (clever or linking).  If you're curious, visit Google.

Here are four little samples that I made (click on the photos to enlarge them):


Tree bark: very cool.  Looks and feels a little bit like paper, and makes an unusual fabric.  Definitely good for a tank.


Knitpicks:  Wowza!  Is this stuff soft!  There's Cybergoddess Amy (see above links) knitting with it.


Cotton Glace:  Okay, but for the price I'd rather knit with Butterfly 10.


Cathay: Soft, nice to knit.


Berroco Suede: once I got past the splitty-ness of this yarn, I actually enjoyed it.

Thank you Mrs. B!  I had a wonderful time, reconnected with some friends, and met some wonderful ladies whom I knew only through their blogs.  I probably tried at least $100 worth of yarn, and found some fibers (tree bark!) that require further experiments.

Some of us even tried spinning.  Here's Obsession du Jour Kellee giving JCK Jackie (see above) some pointers before she has a go.  Apparently Kellee doesn't travel anywhere without her wheel.  Honestly, it was in the trunk of her car.   I have this idea that she spins in traffic :-)?



Wow...looks like a terrific time. Makes me wish we still lived in Hingham.

I hope Julia doesn't see this. It looks like so much fun! If you like treebark, you should look at Habu's stuff. Very interesting yarns that make novel fabrics.

wow -- what fun! what a great idea.

i've heard from a few people that butterfly 10 is nice. i'm going to have to check it out.

I am SO SORRY I couldn't be there! SO, SO Sorry. Damn my life. And it's not like I did anything fun this weekend. (I just don't think I could've justified going away again and still stay married. Damn those priorities!)

It's a good thing Kellee doesn't normally drive in Boston!

Oh, it looks like a heavenly day, Colleen! And yarn to boot! :)

I think I have a yarn headache. Sigh...


So fun.

What a fun time and a great idea to let everyone sample swatch new yarns. I'm really curious about the tree bark yarn now, too!

You got some great pictures! It was so much fun meeting you in person. We'll definitely have to do it again sometime...

I'd have to rest after all that linking. Exhausting!

oh, that looks and sounds like so much fun! that tree bark sounds intriguing...

hey it was great meeting you!

I have read many of the blogs, and each one has new pics--it really looks like you all had a great time. What a fun idea :)


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