Wild Times

What's a knitter to do in Lexington, Massachusetts?  Why, go to Wild and Woolly, of course!

Especially when you can walk there.  Matt and I spent some of last weekend in Lexington, and of course, I couldn't pass on the opportunity to pick up a couple of things that I needed.

First, this Rowan mag:


I want to knit Venus in Summer Tweed.

Then, this Cascade 220 Superwash, in a bright apple green.


Finally, I bought a Wild and Woolly "Wild Card".  It's an interesting concept.  For $1.50, I have an unlimited amount of time to buy $320 worth of yarn at the store.  When I spend that amount, I receive $30 off anything that I want.  Now, I'm not at Wild and Woolly a lot, and it will probably take me a very long time to spend the amount required for the discount.  Still, at $1.50 per card, I don't have a great deal of money invested.  It's a concept other stores might want to consider.

All in all a great shopping experience.  My only complaint would be the hours of operation.  Wild and Woolly has terrible hours.  No Sunday hours in the summer, and no evenings at any time of the year.  The only days when I can shop there are Saturdays, and I'm not often in Lexington on a Saturday.  Doesn't anyone realize that we knitters need to work to support a yarn habit?


ooh - love that green!

Oh, sounds a lot like elann's customer loyalty program, except their program is free, and you get $50 when you spend $500. I love free stuff!

great greeen! and love that rowan mag. there are many knits that i need to get around to in there.

Aren't all knitters retired grandmas? Weekday early hours are perfect for the yarn store clientelle!

I love that great green! Yup, we noticed on our side of the country that some yarn shop owners were offering hours for their convenience, not us poor working stiffs.

The Yarn Shoppe in Mansfield, MA has a similar loyalty program. With every purchase you get a little stamp on your card. When you've spent a $150 dollars and your card is completely stamped, you get $15 off your next purchase. That card has a prime location in my wallet. I have no idea where my social security card is, but I can find my Yarn card in a flash!

you're so right about the lys hour thing. i just posted a similar rant about it. i don't understand why they can't be open at night. i don't work, but i do have my two babes with me, and they aren't exactly the patient kind when it comes to me and yarn shops. so evening is really the only time i can go and enjoy the fibers without turning around every three minutes and playing referee. *sigh* anyway, that loyalty program is pretty cool. and your cascade apple green is so springy! i love it!

A wildcard is a great investment. I have $15 to go on mine. It look slike bobby Joe got drunk last night and shot out the neighborhood stop sign again, but I never leave it at home, just in case I wander (by accident) into W&W's gravitational field, which starts, for me, at about Woburn.


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