Who are the Yarnpeople?

They are the yarnpeople:


Not "yarn people" mind you, but "yarnpeople".  Who was working in Bernat's marketing department in 1979?

Now for something completely different: what are you doing this weekend?  It's going to rain in Boston.  What a perfect opportunity to see a movie!  How about this one?  I'll be at the 4:00pm show on Saturday (tomorrow!) at the Somerville Theatre.  If you're interested, feel free to join me.  Valentina, it's okay to knit during the showing, right?


Have fun at the film!

I'll be working and then at Knitsmiths on Sunday of course, where I hope to see you! Don't let movies get in the way of your true love, KIP!

Hahaha! That reminds me. Last Saturday I was at a concert and had to think of you. There was a girl crocheting and the only one that was distracted by it was me, as I cursed the fact that I hadn't brought my knitting. I hope you enjoy the movie. Let me know if it needs a different ending and I'll talk to the director.

Makes me think that it's someone's sister's cousin's son who came up with the tagline, instead of having a copywriter write something that makes sense. Yarnpeople!

Not too long ago I heard of a yarn store that gets its local theater to show a good movie everyweek with the lights up so that knitters can work during the show. Doesn't that sound worth lobbying for?


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