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I hope that all my American readers remembered to "spring forward" last night (unless you're in Arizona).  Welcome Daylight Savings Time!  Despite the lost hour of sleep last night, I love it.  Or perhaps I'm just giddy from the sleep deprivation; you decide.

There's no doubt, however, that I love this Adriafil Ibiza.  It's novelty yarn that doesn't get snagged on my needles, and it is touch-all-day soft.  I want to make something with it that will be close to my skin.  The yarn is heavy, so whatever I make will need to be quite small.

This confirms that Alison's Spring Fling Tank will be perfect.  I don't have enough yarn for a Shapely Tank,  and besides, I don't think that this yarn will shortrow very well.  I have an idea to play with the back neck a little bit, and to beef up the straps.   Thicker straps mean added insurance against any potential bra-strap issues (BSIs).  I'll let you know what I decide. 


Look at my swatch.  I started with US 8s, and decided that the knitted fabric was too dense.  I switched to US 10s, and not only is the fabric looser and stretchier, the metal needles are very compatible with this yarn (note to self: get some Addis).

I could almost imagine wearing this tank on a little spring fling of my own.  Oooh-la-la!


I think Spring Fling would be a good use of the yarn. Do you think it would work for Zen? My SIL Stef got your remainders at the swap, and is looking for a tank pattern.

Not a tank girl myself, I think it will be very nice. Touch-all-day soft is definitely a good thing.

Interesting stuff. I saw a bunch of it at my lys, but didn't know what I'd do with it. Does it unravel at all or does it keep its shape? Did you wash and dry your swatch? Just wondering....

We (currently) don't change time in Indiana, either. I say "currently," because our new governor is trying to change that.

Since I grew up in Illinois, I think the whole concept of not observing DST is kind of odd. But there are more than enough people in the state of Indiana who would tell me otherwise. :-P


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