The Tank Tops that Ate Brookline


Aieee!  Giant tank tops!

No, not really.  These were some eye candy hanging in the window of one of my LYSs in nearby Brookline Village.  When I photographed them in the shop's window, I also picked up the reflections of the buildings across the street from the shop.  Doesn't it look a little bit like huge knitted tanks are hanging from the side of that building?

Do you recognize the tank on the left?  It was knit by none other than Johanna.  Great job on the tank, Johanna!


that's funny -- the reflection is actually clearer than what's IN the window.

the tank on the right looks intriguing. is it cabling or lace on the bottom panel?

It does look like they are hanging from the building. Some crazy artists taking up residence in Brookline Village!


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