Yes, I know.  With my latest project blog excitement has, ahem, tanked a little bit.  Green ribbon yarn, green ribbon yarn, green ribbon yarn.  Can this woman do anything else but knit with green ribbon yarn?

Yes, actually, I can.


Green worsted yarn.

This is an in-the-round gauge swatch of my new Cascade 220 Superwash.  It is yummy Cascade 220 softness.  Just as an aside, 220 in regular or superwash is one of my favorite yarns.  It is soft, extremely affordable, and has a huge color selection.  This swatch is now drying and awaiting an official gauge taking.

I had a few comments about the fact that I not only swatch, but I wash and dry my swatches before taking a gauge measurement.  Truly, it is pure self interest that causes me to do this.  My gauge changes when I knit in the round.  Hence the in-the-round swatch.  Yarns change gauge after a washing, and a few nasty knitting surprises have greeted me after a project's first washing.  Hence my swatch washing.

I had the pleasure of knitting with the Thursday-evening Roslindale ladies last week.  Wendy, Chris, and Barbara (who is blogless at the moment) are a fine bunch of knitting companions, and I hope to make it back to their usual Thursday haunt very soon.  Perhaps it will be this week.


that greeen looks fantastic. i just have to get with your swatchy ways. would save me a lot of rippin'.

Pretty color. I just got a big shipment in of my first 220(not superwash)for Rogue.....I will need to come back here to remind myself of the zen of good swatching etiquette so I can make sure it all ends up ok!

I agree, C220 is a great, better than work horse, yarn! Enjoy it.

As for Th night knitting group... I wanna come! Thursdays are actually great days for me. This Thursday is already booked, but maybe next week. I've never gone to a knitting group other than Knitsmiths. I think it's time that I branched out!

I read once (I don't rememeber where) that superwash wool stretches out a lot, so I have been afraid to use it. Do you find this to be true? I would love to use washable wools more but have been afraid to try them out since reading that.

i'd love to hear how you think the superwash 220 compares to the regular. i'm with you -- i love cascade 220! if the superwash behaves as nicely then i might be able to make a sweater for my brother!

just got my first skeins of cascade 220 a couple of weeks ago -- can't wait to knit it up. man, you swatch and wash! i feel like such a schlub. :-)


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