Still life: Tank Top in a Tree

Just in the nick of time, as the spring breezes are infiltrating Boston, my Spring Fling Tank is finished:


It just needs a little more time to swing in the fresh air and it will be completely dry.

Don't you love spring?

Now, what about the fling....


No flinging the tank! But a fling for you might be fun. :) Lovely tank.

Love the shaping! Where's the model picture?

I love it Colleen! But I'd also like to see it modeled by you.

I love it! Question: for this tank, and any vest or tank which has no sleeves and no collar, do you do any simple finishing around those areas? Sounds like... hell... "pick up 120 stitches around the neck opening, turn work, bind off all sts."

A beautiful fling!

Very pretty! Love the color.

Ooooh, I'm in love with that shaping. That's exactly what I need for my bodacious bod (she says with a hint of sarcasm). Thanks for the picture, it's precious.

Very pretty! I second Marta on the modeling shot. Don't be shy...

Yeah, let's see a picture of you wearing it! It looks fantastic!


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