Reunited... Blogland and it feels soooo good.

A million thanks to the oh-so-wonderful Johanna and Melanie for pointing me in the direction of Sage for blog-feed updates.  I downloaded Mozilla and then Sage, added to it those blogs listed on my blogroll, and I was back in business!

I won't bother extolling all the virtues of Sage over Bloglines.  If you're curious, click on over there and try it for yourself.  Bloglines isn't accessible at my office, and Sage is (so far).  I've been using Sage only for a day or so, and I can see pros and cons of each.

Unfortunately, Johanna's blog is one of those blogs that Sage doesn't read as having an RSS feed :-(.  Guess which blogging services Sage only intermittently recognizes.  Yup!  Blogger and Blogspot!  I could subscribe to some blogs, and not to others.  Those that initially offered me a subscription later reported error messages.  What is wrong over there?  I wish I knew.

It feels nice to spread my blog reading throughout the day, instead of rushing through it before I leave the house, or before I eat dinner.  I'm not always feeling wise and witty at those times, and a lot of great posts went commentless in my quest to read all my blog friends' updates.

While you're clicking around, add Kathy's new feed to your blogroll.  She's made the wise choice to ditch Blogger and set up her own domail.  It looks great, Kathy!


Yay! My own domain! Thanks for your compliments, Colleen. If you're interested in reading more about RSS aggregators, surf over to June's site ( She's a knitter, spinner, and former Bostonian. The last few entries she compares the pros and cons of Bloglines, Sage, and others, and highlights include a comment left by the CEO of Bloglines!

I don't use any of these services. I still prefer to check "manually" several times a day if anybody has a new post. I also don't have a very long list, so that works. I think I'd go crazier (than I've already gone), if I checked the service and there were nothing new, I'd keep refreshing (ad nauseam) just to verify. Going directly to the blog, I can see that there's nothing new. Sometimes I like to complicate things.

I love that cover sweater on the tweed2 book, the collar is great!


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