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Nothing says "I don't know what I"m doing." better than a tangle of yarn resting on my lap.


Why is it so difficult to find the inside end of a machine-made center-pull skein?  I know, I know: pull out an odd number of yarns, and your end will be in it.  Well I always do that, and most of the time it doesn't work.

My plan was to cast on during the subway ride to Somerville, knit for a time in a café, and then have loads of mindless stockinette to occupy my hands during the movie.

Best laid plans....

I had to cast on twice because my long tail wasn't quite long enough.  Then, I spent 20 minutes untangling the wad of yarn that you see in the photograph.  By the time I made it inside the cinema, I had only a few rows of ribbing complete.  Ribbing and increasing are best done when you can see, and not in a darkened room.

So, what's a knitter to do? I sat back and enjoyed the show!  I'm not going all "movie critic" on you, because I don't know enough about films to do that (but believe me, the film crowd was there, and lovin' it!).  Suffice it to say I enjoyed the movie, quite a bit, and I'm looking forward to the next Zoller Seitz release.  Valentina, DH was looking very fine in his hand-knit scarf.


i love the look of the long tail cast on, but that's how it always works out for me and i end up doing a knit-on cast on. i'll have to try that pull odd strand trick. love that yarn you're using.

OHHHH, been there, done that. More times than I want to remember. Even that pull-odd-strand trick doesn't sound like it would work for me: How many odd strands? 3? 5? 17? I'd end up with the whole thing unraveled. Argh!

How frustrating! There was a pretty funny thread of the same finding the end issue on the Knittyboard - someone coined the term "yarn giblets" for the wadded tangle you always seem to end up with on those stubborn balls. One thing that has helped me in the past is using both index fingers to fish in from both ends, you can usually get a better feel for whats going on in there.

Hehehehe! I was about to fire off a post yesterday, but then thought to give you the first shot. I was totally gobsmacked when he called and after a while said "Oh, I met your blogging friend". How?!! I found it insanely funny that you recognized the scarf. He also said that he'd recognized you immediately, as I keep showing him stuff on blogs and in your case, I had to point out somebody who was going to see the movie on my recommendation. Thank you very much for trekking out there. Too bad you couldn't knit any.

Oh, about finding the end inside the ball. I stick a finger in at both ends, then slowly twirl my fingers around each other. Pretty quickly, there'll be a strand that will twist around a finger rather firmly. Pull that one out, the end should be near (groan). This doesn't work like a charm, but at wors, you 'll getter a smaller Tribble out, then if you pull randomly.

I'd say that more than half of the time, I rewind balls (center pull or no) from the store on my ballwinder. I just find it easier to work with that way.


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