Not One to Disappoint

Who am I to disappoint my blog readership?


There you have it.  That's me modeling my tank.  As you can see, it's a perfect garment for wearing under my one and only suit.

I noticed something rather strange this morning.  The tank's front faded!  It must have happened when I dried it outside.  I didn't detect any dye bleeding when I blocked it, and it spent no more than six hours in the sun.  There are no warnings on the label about poor colorfast-ness with the dye.  Is it too much to expect dye to hold up better than that?  The color difference is not very noticeable, but it makes me wonder about what to expect with future washings.


Wow! Great work, perfect fit. Can't see the fade, but isn't that the look this season?

Your tank fits great! Love the colour..I can't see the fade either. You finished this project so quickly..great job!

Looks great, Colleen! I love the fit. Can't tell it faded at all, the color is beautiful!

Looks good to me but that is a drag about the fade. No more drying in the sun though, huh?

Bummer about the fading - perhaps if its always worn under something else it won't matter too much? Anyway, it looks quite nice from here, thanks for humoring all of us clamoring for a modeled shot.

It looks wonderful! Thanks for showing us. ;-)

Fantastic shape and fit for you! Looks great with your suit. Yay!

you are getting so great at waist shaping...looks fantastic

Yeah, okay, it's fabulous. I like the way a chunky handknit looks against tailored lines (does that make sense? Same as a handknit cozy for a plastic cell phone or iPod). Great fit, great color, and I appreciate that you put a picture of yourself wearing it :).

Great work Colleen!

It looks like a great top to wear with so many things! Very nice.

You can wear that with ANYTHING! Nice job. I love it.

Absolutely beautiful!

You look fabulous in it, Colleen! Thanks for sharing a picture.

great tank top! :) it really does go well with the suit.

Looks great! I love the color combination! Thanks for sharing...

It still looks a pretty shade to me.

Isn't that lovely on you! Great job!


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