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Wild and Woolly wasn't the only yarn store I visited last weekend.  On Sunday afternoon I visited one of my LYSs, A Good YarnAlison happened to be working that afternoon.  I had been eyeing a Classic Elite pattern book since I received the winter edition of Vogue Knitting, but since I had other projects on the needles, its purchase could wait until last weekend.


I also left with this Classic Elite book.  Good fodder for project planning.


All this Chibi action over at eBay made me think that one of them might be useful for my own knitting bag.  So, for $4.50, I purchased a green one.  Sure, mine isn't the I'm-such-a-cool-knitter pink, but then again I paid less than a tenth of the pink price.  And really, who cares?


Can someone please explain the pink appeal?  Am I missing something?  Chibis are little plastic containers to hold your tapestry needles.   Clover once made them in pink plastic, now they are made with green plastic.  Do the pink ones do something extra special?  You better believe that once some Clover executive discovers the allure of the pink Chibi, those machines will be churning out pink ones faster than you can say "reserve met".


$41 for a pink Chibi? I have two (I lost all the needles out of the first...). Does it have an image of Elvis imbedded in the plastic or something I can't see?

Pink Chibis. Gotta love the Internet for churning out mystique.

Glad to see you finally picked up the CE books! ;-) I like the lettuce pullover in the Country Road book. I think I'm going to use Artyarns Supermerino.

From what I've heard, the pink is a pure status symbol and not for the price it's commanding. The original chibis were pink, the new chibi are green. So, if you have a pink chibi, it "means" you've been knitting much longer and are therefore not one of those knitters-come-lately on-the-hipness-bandwagon-hoppers - i.e. you've always been COOL.
And no, if they made pink chibis now, the maker couldn't sell them for $40. So no point for them to make them.

I like those Classic Elite patterns. I don't seem to see them that often, but their styles always do appeal to me. I picked up a couple of leaflets when one of my LYS's was going out of business. Now just to find the time for all these projects....

Well after spending years being a gloomy teenager and believing that there was only one colour i.e. black, I've finally come to liking pink which makes feel very girly.

P is not only for pink, it is also for phallic.

The things I have to explain to you ... :)


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