Merci Mon Tricot

Something wasn't working.  Something didn't look quite right.  The question was, how do I fix the problem.

This wasn't a technical problem, rather, it was an aesthetic one.  The cable was too bold, too heavy for its location.  I needed to find something lighter.


Out came the books, and in Mon Tricot, I discovered my solution.  Of course, I can't really show you the solution, but if you look carefully at the graph paper, it will give you an idea.

To all my Boston knitbuds:  will I see you tonight?  I found a copy of At Knit's End when I was in Hah-vahd Squa-yah last night, just before some hapless tourists spilled orange juice all down the back of my coat and into my shoe.  Dee-frickin-lightful!  How do you clean OJ from the inside of a shoe?  But hey, who cares about shoes and coats and all that?  I'm going to see The Harlot and I have the book!



last night so many people came out for the YH event in nyc, it was truly amazing. pics and post coming soon! i even got to meet valentina for the first time - we used the "what knit thing will you be wearing" technique you demonstrated at somerville. (^_~) have fun!

Well, I'm jealous. Somehow, seeing as the bookbookbook hasn't even been released in Australia (Thank heavens for Amazon!), I don't think Steph will be here any time soon ;)

I have to miss The Harlot tonight due to travel plans, but am hoping to catch up with her in Acton in May. Have fun, can't wait to read about it.

Unfortunately, I won't be at Circles tonight... even though it is about 8 minutes from my house. I have a friends birthday outing, and though I could probably bail, I just don't have the modivation to fight throught the crowds of people there... I am also thinking about Acton in May and hope that the event is a bit less crazed then...

I have no idea how to clean OJ from inside a shoe!

Don't worry, I'm on the tourist-fighter committee. We have seized the orange juice offender and proper punishment will follow.

Don't even get me started on tourists...

Most likely, I will be at Circles tonight. What knitted item will I be wearing? Probably none, since I'm off to a party after, where a handknit is asking for trouble.

Hello. I saw the Harlto yesterday. My head is still spinning. We were hearded into the "Theater" on the 11th floor of Lord & Taylor. The room was set with round tables that had nice tablecloths on them. Everybody pulled out their knitting once they sat down. Some people ran around greeting people they'd never met before, but who they recognized from their blogs. Then we were offered wine! Then hors d'oeuvers! Then Stephanie talked. Then she hung out with us.
Colleen, this is one event you do WANT to knit at!

Ooh, where'd you find it? The Coop? I can't go tonight but will be going to the Acton reading.

I went with joy last night... you are going to have so much fun! And you will giggle a lot ;)

Colleen, I'll be there with my eye peeled for you! ;)
sounds gross.

I'm envious that you get to see the Yarn Harlot. The closest she's coming to my area is Kalamazoo, MI. *sigh* At least I have the book, though!


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