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Patience, I tell myself.  Patience.

Now that I've settled on a pattern for my Adriafil Ibiza, and bought my Addis, I am so eager to cast on that it is eating at me.

First, I need an accurate measurement of my gauge.  This is achieved by washing my swatch and letting it dry.

Then, I need to tweak Alison's very fine pattern.  Unfortunately, I don't share in Alison's petite-ness, so I need to adjust it for my size, and for a design change that I want to try.  I want the back to dip down a little bit more so that the top is even more flingy, but not enough so that my bra peeks out.  I am a firm believer that as an UNDERGARMENT, a bra should remain under a garment and not be sticking out all over the place.  All of this requires math.  It is not difficult math, but it is math nonetheless.  If I want that math to yield an accurate result, I must have an accurate gauge measurement.


I remain zen about all this (yeah, right).  The swatch will dry, the gauge will come, the math will be finished all in due time (now, now, now!).


You are so much a better person than me. Swatch (I'll manage that if pressed). WASH swatch. Then do math. I bow before you.

It's all part of the process. People get tired of hearing me say that but it's always worth the time and effort to do it right, as you know.

I made that tank, but in the GGH yarn that Alison did. While I don't have very big boobs, my circumference around that area is large because I swim a lot. I still made it in the medium size because the GGH is stretchy. I also added about 3 inches to the bottom because no one really wants to see THAT area of my body. You know, that BELLY BUTTON area :-)

Way to wash and swatch. It will be beautiful in that yarn. Good luck figuring out the math.


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