I don't want to speak too soon

Lest I stir Mother Nature into giving us one more wallop of winter.  Maybe, just maybe, it's time to put the wool and the winter knits away.

I pulled this out of my stash bin last night:


Can you see it?  The "yarn" looks like strips of torn t-shirts.  I have ten balls of this stuff.  I'm hoping that it's enough for a simple tank (or maybe this), and that it doesn't look too ridiculous on my needles.

Besides this, my stash bin is not worth photographing.  Trust me!


Have you looked at the online Adriafil mags? I bet there are some cute patterns for the yarn there too.

I have a similar yarn in my stash and can't think what to do with it. I am curious to see how yours turns out.
good luck!

Wow! That shapely tank is super hot! Thanks for turning me on to it-- I'm going to be knitting one just as soon as I can get the yarn for it.
BTW, I adore your blog. Thanks for posting every day.


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