Har-LOT! Har-LOT! Har-LOT!

The excitement was building in Boston Blogland.  The buzz was deafening, and as I read my usual morning blogs, the reports coming out of NYC indicated that one fantastic time would be had at Circles.

First, though, I had to run home.  I realized that I didn't have the right project with me for the event.  A swatch wouldn't cut it.  Then I walked up to Circles.


Ah, that's better.

Did I meet other bloggers?  You bet your sweet patootie that I met other bloggers!  Some of these fine ladies I already knew; others I knew only from their blogs; still others were completely new to me.


From left that's Melanie, Debbie, Kellee, and Jackie.


Here are Judy and Paula discussing the merits of various yarn stores in Rhode Island.

I was thrilled to finally meet Ms. Grumperina herself, Kathy!  Seana was there, along with Alison and Sandy.  Alas, there are no pictures :-(.

Oh, and the Harlot was there, too:


Look, there she is knitting with us.  Isn't that a great cardi that she's wearing?  Shoot! I forgot to ask her about that.


And here she is again, blogging right along with the rest of us!

One very enjoyable side effect of Ms. Pearl-McPhee's visit has been the extensive blog linking that I've seen in posts about book-signing events.  Let's not forget the bloggers who are coming out of the woodwork to attend.  Steph, you're getting us together!  There are so many great blogs out there.  Seems like my Bloglines and Sage subscription lists could use some updating.

What handknit item did I wear?  I thought long and hard about wearing the Spring Breeze Top, but in the end I decided to stick with my new tank under a new favorite shirt.  I felt cool and collected.  All this did not help me be cool and collected when it was my turn in the book signing line.  I couldn't help but gush!  I think that I managed to stammer out something about how much I enjoy Stephanie's blog (I do, I really do!) and thank her for stopping by Boston.  Thank you again, Stephanie, for sharing some of your wit and knitterly wisdom with us.

Then there was a little post-Harlot hang out:


Oh my goodness!  Who took these photos?!  That's a very blurry Claudia with another blurry Rosemary (sorry to you both), and Kellee, in the (very cute) red shirt.


Kellee again, followed by Debbie and Melanie.


Then Johanna, Jackie, and Amy.


Thanks for the post, c. You're first in the boston crowd to my reckoning (am I surprised?). I've been cruising looking for info. Was it wicked crowded? I had dinner guests and had to be a brownup, I hope to catch her later in the tour when she passes through northern New England.

Good morning, I think I may be a little hung over! I had a great time, thanks for letting me tag along last night.

Loved the tank!

Well, there was no wine, and cute waiters, but your get together with the Harlot seems intimate and warm. Now don't get me wrong - our get together was exciting and crazy and LOADS of fun - but I'm beginning to think intimate might have been more my speed. Shhh. Don't tell anyone! Glad you had such a great time. That Harlot is a hoot huh? Spreading blogger love wherever she goes!

Your directions totally rocked. Thank you for getting us home.

Great linkage!

looks like you guys had a fabulous time. i'm jealous philly wasn't on her tour!

I love the fuzzy picture of Claudia!

What a rockin' good time. Har - LOT Har - LOT!

Great pictures and a great recap!

I wish I could have been there! I'm hoping to catch her when she's in Amherst.
And was that the Rhinebeck cardi that Stephanie was wearing?? Very nice.

Awesome linkage! I wish I could have been there too! So many bloggers alike! Glad you had a good time and thank you for the pictures.

Sorry I didn't make it to Doyle's last night. I got caught up chatting with one of the neighbors while walking the dog and had to get an early start to Worcester this morning for a soccer game.

I love how the Harlot tour is bringing people together! And I have to agree with Cara about how much more intimate your evening looks (vs. our wedding reception atmosphere). Not that I'm complaining...sorta wishing I could have had some of each though.

Thanks for the great photos, links and such. That's Kellee and not me in the top photo, though. It was lovely to meet you last night.

Thanks for the thorough wrap-up! It was so nice to meet Yarn Harlot, and to meet you! I can't wait for her second book...

Aw, I'm so envious...we have so many great LYS here, but Harlot isn't scheduled for my town, in spite of email begging and pleading...looks like it was fun!

So many of my favorite Knit Bloggers in one room! Great pix and thanks for a great recap. I'm drooling from blog to blog.

Ooooh, your pics are wonderful! I feel like I have died and gone to blogstalker heaven, thank you thank you for the play-by-play!!!

Next time I'm up visiting my Brother (and family) I'll have to ask you if there are any good KIP happenings! Cheers & thanks for sharing!

Wow! What a lot of fun. Makes me want to move across the country and join in! No, I think it would cost too much to ship my massive yarn stash. I'll just have to organize some similar fun in Seattle!


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