Grandma Rocks!

Anyone with a contradictory opinion is not welcome at this blog :-).

Matt and I went to visit my grandmother last weekend.  After eating a yummy lunch, she and I were flipping through knitting books.  In true grandma fashion she couldn't let me leave her house without a few of those books under my arm.  They are a hoot!


I think that woman on the cover is trying to reassure that little girl "Don't worry, the other kids won't make too much fun of you."

Then there is this beauty, Bernat Handicrafter, from 1956:


It's full of all those vintage knitting photos that we've come to love.  What's happening in that cover photo?  Is the guy on the right smoking a post-match cigar?  Did he acutally play tennis wearing a tie, or did he just run down to the courts to talk to his friend?


Man - look at those wood rackets! Aren't grandmas the best for all that old knitting stuff. You should see some of the yarn she tried to pawn off on me!

It's the carefully placed hands that freak me out. Look at that man in the beige sleeveless sweater. Has he just had a good meal or does he have wind?

Oh my God, you're so funny. My mother has a ton of those and I keep looking through them on each visit, thinking that maybe, *this* time, I'll find some cool vintage thing that I'd like to knit and wear, but no, the styles are just scary! And I like vintage!

I wish I could find some of these vintage pamphlets--they are so funny! My grandmas were both crafty, but neither was a knitter. I think those are great! Have fun with them, Colleen! :)

Classic! Your grandma rocks!

Older man "Plastic is the future, my son, plastic. Now stay away from my daughter." Hmmm, wonder what that "E4" means?

Grandma does rock! I love grandmas...


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