Do You Like This?

It's rather cute, don't you think?


It's the Bevin Tank by Rhode Island knitter Christine Buhagiar, and I think it's just swell.   The lacy, Feather and Fan-esque panel in the front is a lovely detail.  I found the pattern in the latest issue of Spun.  From the title, you might think that this is a 'zine about spinning.  Nope, it's about knitting.  A couple months ago I tripped over a link to this 'zine on someones blog, and I tripped over a link to the latest issue just the other day.

Christine, I'm curious about the neckline/armhole configuration, especially in the context of bra coverage.  You don't, by any chance, have a picture of someone wearing the tank?

Just put this in my to-knit pile.  So many great summer knits.  So little time.

Help me out here: am I being terribly 1989 by using the word "'zine"?  That one is still current, no?


Cute tank! Speaking of bra coverage and cute tanks,

I've been eyeing that tank too, but I've got way to much on my plate right now. I too was in a tizzy over bloglines this morning, but it seems better now - phew!

Hahahaa, no call me an "old jaded punk" but I still use the term quite often, I wasn't aware it was an archaic term!
That stupid top almost didn't even make it to them on time! I'm also dissapointed that it wasn't modeled, but DHL sent it to texas (in other words, lost it for a while) so it barely made it by the skin of it's teeth~!
Spun has it on it's way back to me as we speak, when I get it, I will have someone model it and post it in my blog so people can see how it'll actually look.
As far as the bra/coverage... It covered my bra, but it's semi-low-cut so it's a 'flaunt 'em if ya got 'em" boobylicious kinda top.. Think a glammed up low cut wife beater, if you will! And the lace pattern is alotta bang for your buck! Ridiculously easy to do with intricate-looking results!
Thank you so much for the compliment though! I'm designing a skirt for one of their upcoming issues, that hopefully will be modeled this time!
I'll let you know when the modeled Bevin is up!

Thanks for asking that question, it's exactly what I was wondering. And I couldn't really tell if there was waist shaping (essential for my boobylicious world) initially, but in this picture now I can see that there is. I'll keep an eye out on Christine's blog for modeled photos.

while that tank is very nice, I'm much more taken with your free pattern. I love the details of the bell sleeves and picot-ish edging... very feminine, very modern. May I ask how much ease you planned for the size specified? I'm just curious, because I'm working Fruity from the Rowan Classic collection in a 4ply and the top has about 1 inch ease. I'm thinking to work your design in something like cascade 220 and was considering adding a bit more ease (because wool might be a bit scratchy to wear without something under it (and cascase wool is very soft, but I've very sensitive skin.) Would be interested in your thoughts here.

I'm not entirely sure that I like cascade in balls. I do like that green though


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