Breezing Along

I am breezing along with my Spring Fling Tank.  I measured my gauge, adjusted the pattern and added some waist shaping to the body.  It would seem that, lately, I cannot knit anything without adding waist shaping.  I guess that I'm becoming predictable in my knitting.


I know that it doesn't look like much now, but the tank will take shape in time.  Remember the zen of yesterday's post?  The knitting is smooth and quick with the Addis; sometimes it's too smooth.  A few times stitches have popped off the needle in their eagerness to be worked.

The knitting also goes smoothly when there is nice conversation to accompany it.  I had the pleasure of knitting with Ms. Bookish Girl Wendy this week.  Unfortunately my camera and my Sharpie were left at chez Subway Knitter, so I couldn't supply Wendy with the hilarity to which she's accustomed when she's out on the town with fellow bloggers.  What can I say?


I think, there's nothing as important as waist shaping.

That is the coolest yarn! It looks like it will create a tank that will feel cool when the weather is blistering. Can't wait to see the finished item.


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