Is anyone else having trouble with Bloglines today?  Is it just me?  I can't log in to my account.


Me too. Whew, I thought I was just going crazy. Well, at least not on this issue...

Yeah, me too. I see that I have 4 new updates to check out, but it won't let me in!

me too! the fuckers. Thank heavens for SAGE.

I've pretty much given up on Bloglines. I'm using a dedicated newsreader for the Mac these days. I think Bloglines is a victim of its own success.

There was an entry on the Bloglines News feed that said that they lost a server and that's why people were having problems.

It's working now - I thought it was me too!

I gave in to Bloglines last night. I'm going through it right now, so I'm in, but it seems to have been a temporary problem. Trouble is, I signed up with so many, now I feel obliged to read all the updates, whereas before, I just didn't go find them. It's all your fault. ;-)

I was confused this morning, thinking "Whoa, did I forget my password?!"

I didn't.

Hopefully it'll be up and correct soon. *twitches*


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