Blogging Woes

First, it was Blogger.  Then, it was the server.  I've been cut off from accessing Bloglines at a location where I spend a good chunk of my day (i.e. work).  Even when I can get to my blogroll, many of the blogs won't let me post a comment.  Come on, Blogger, fix your comment application!

As a substitute for leaving comments on the actual blogs, read on:

Concateknits:  Walking or driving in Boston, I'm not sure which is worse.  What I love are those pedestrians who waltz out into the street and make the traffic come to a screeching stop for them.  Glad to read that you survived the intersection.  I am loving your Ribby!

Amy Boogie:  So, you will be doing more destashing.  I eagerly await your book list (I agree, it's hard to give away books).

PumpkinKnits:  I cannot help you rationalize yarn purchases.  That power must come from inside you :-).

Amber:  [The server is also blocking access to Livejournal.]  Snark on, my dear!  My subscriptions to both VK and IK will expire next winter, and I think that from then on I'll preview the issues at Brookline Booksmith (must support a local, independent book dealer, mustn't we?) or at my LYS, and buy the issue only if I find a pattern to love.  Besides, the newsstand copies hit the streets weeks before we lowly subscribers receive ours.  That reality must be punished, and the best way I can think to do that is to drop my subscriptions.

This really stinks!  Does anyone know how I can load my blogroll onto my blog and use some sort of "recently updated" indicator?

Look at the time of this post, and I've already been up for almost an hour!  This time of year it is painfully obvious who is the morning person 'round these parts :-).


LOL, here I am at 6:34, been up since 5:15! I thought I was the only insane, knitting addicted blogger awake this early. Happy Saturday!

well you're in good company. i've usually been up for about an hour at this point, but my 3 hours of sleep on Thursday night made me "sleep in" this morning.

regarding the blogs -- you could check on blogrolling. the problem is that not everyone has their blog setup to indicate the update, so you won't know of all the blogs that have been updated.

also, and this one might be too sneaky for work. can you install firefox on your work machine? i suggest this because firefox isn't as integrated and there are a lot of settings (for example, proxy) that can't be done automatically from firefox via the network admins. they would need to set it manually. it's most likely that proxy that's cutting you off. just an (evil) thought :)

Not up quite as early as you, but I'm up. (Back is still hurting - if I'm still in town, may go for massage on Monday.)

Can't help you with the Blogger/Blogroll issue, but I can sympathize. Have a great Saturday!

Yeah - walking or driving in Boston is always risky. Of course, when I'm walking, I think "Stupid drivers!" and when I'm driving, I think "Stupid pedestrians!". It's very tough on my mental health. ;)

Argh, up that early would kill me nowadays. I've become a night owl, can't get to bed most nights before 1 or 2 a.m., and of course along with that comes the inability to get up in the morning. Yes, damn Blogger comments are so frustrating. I'd like to leave comments at Blogger blogs, but am often unable to. I don't want my Blogger friends to think I'm ignoring them.

Did you figure out the bloglines thing? You can get a code off their site that puts your blogroll up on your page. Let me know if you can't find it and I'll poke around...

Oh but do I empathize with you! I haven't been cut off from Bloglines (yet) but I can't click on many blogs to comment. That which does not kill us makes us stronger - RIGHT?

You can always try a different RSS aggregator, but I didn't find any I liked as much as bloglines. Well, with the exception of Sage, which is on Firefox.

Check out June's post from March 30th for bloglines alternatives. Good luck with it. Work without blogs can't be fune.


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