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It's been one silly week on my blog.  All of the nice weather must be affecting my brain.  Okay, people, enough silly photos from those books!  Let's get back to the knitting.  We're talking about my knitting, to be more precise.


Here's my Spring Fling Tank in its unblocked glory.  The shoulder straps went very quickly, and I was through with the back before I knew it.  I originally planned to knit the back slightly lower than the front, and I did just that (as you can see).  By eliminating about an inch of straight knitting, and binding off the neck opening immediately, I lowered the back just enough to suit me.


unblocked *glory* is right! Can't wait to see it on!

looks wonderful - don't forget a modeling shot when its done blocking...

Well that was quick. Looking forward to a picture of it on you...!

looks great! your own pattern again?
well done!

Nice! Nothing beats a quick knit. I love the color. :-)


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