Almost There!

That is the way I feel with this tank top.  "There" is finished, and I am almost done with this top.

I finished knitting the body, and I separated the front and back stitches to shape the armholes and the neckline.  Here is where I depart from Alison's pattern.  Her yarn was well suited for the cast-on straps that she instructs for her pattern.  The texture of the Esprit would hide the change in stitch direction.  With my Ibiza, the change in direction would be too distracting.

So, with that in mind, I adjusted the armhole and neckline section of the Shapely Tank Top pattern to suit my gauge.  I know that the pattern has good BSC (bra-strap coverage) so I don't have to worry about any surprises when I slip the tank over my head for the first wearing.  The front is nearly done, and then it's on to the back.


All the beautiful, sunny weather is extra motivation to knit!


Looks like it was the day for getting things done - I'm all done with the pieces for the V-Neck! you can see the sleeves on my blog - I love it and cannot wait to get to block and sew it together! Thanks for a great pattern!

Love the tank, and thanks for the "Spun" link - that was fun!

Looks good! That yarn is knitting up really nicely. I've never knitted a yarn like that - it looks really flat. Is it weird to knit?

From now on I will know exactly what BSC means!


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