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As many of my readers know, I love to knit in public.  Give me a café, some coffee or tea, a table and a chair (or a counter and a stool) and I will be content for hours.

I don't think I'm alone in that.

This brings me to my request.  I want to start a list of good places to knit in public in the Boston area.  Surely there are many cafés and bakeries outside of my usual orbit that are welcoming environments for us knitters.  Do you know of any?  Can you share their names and locations?

My criteria:

1.  No national chains!  Don't tell me about the Starbucks, Peets, Au Bon Pain, or any business that you could find in more than two cities in the US.  Local or regional chains are okay, but I want the Starbucks alternatives.

2.  Make sure that it's a place that you've visted and loved.

There is a new list on my side bar:  KIP Boston.  You can read the (very) small list that I began.  I need your help!  Of course, if you contribute you'll receive full credit.

If you have a listing, please email me at subwayknitter[at]yahoo[dot]com, or leave a comment to this post.   Include the location's full name, and its address or a nearby landmak (for example, Washington Street, at Forest Hills Station, is fine).

Thank you!


I've not knit there, but the Someday Cafe in Davis Sq. Somerville would be a good spot to do so. Its on Holland Ave, right next to the Somerville Theatre.

If you are out West Concord way (both accessible by commuter rail), there are two:

Concord Teacakes--tiny inside, but there are tables outside and I've seen people KIP there. Good coffee and pastries, soups and sandwiches (look out for the chocolate chip cheesecake, fortunately, only sold by the cake--it's very tempting). The folks that work there are so nice!

Nashoba Bakery Cafe (they have a second bakery in Boston)--the off hours are best, as they are real popular with young moms and carb-lovers. Soups and sandwiches as well, the main force is the bread (Harvest, with walnuts and dates is my favorite). They have tables outside by the Assabet River too. Charming!

And Concord Needleworks, Quilter's Way, and the best 5 and 10 ever are in the same neighborhood!

Oops...a serious correction; Harvest Bread is with pecans, apricots, cranberries and figs! mmmm...

Carberry's in Central Square, TrueGrounds in Ball Square (where my S'nB meets on Sundays). How about non-cafe places? I can be sometimes found on the lawn in front of Cambridge's City Hall on warm Saturdays.

What a great idea!!! Maybe one day we will create a national or even international registry of knitter's friendly places!!! What a wonderful thing it would be for all of us who travel-one would just check what places are at final destination and do not waste time and feel at home in a new place. I will be exploring Baltimore soon...
PS Thanks God winters are too cold in Boston(I had enough of it in Poland) otherwise I would be really sad that I cannot live there-I already heard so many good things about it! Lucky you!

Man, I love it when you do this research work!

You might be interested in the Starbucks Delocator:

Up here in Newburyport, three's the Middle Street Cafe, but I've become disenchanted with the service lately and the increasing shabbiness, but my new favorite is Plum Island Coffee Roasters, buried in Haley's Boat Yard, right on the Merrimack River and spectacular views, with a gas fireplcace, funky fellow java heads, and an arty atmosphere.

I second Grumperina's recommendation for True Grounds on Broadway in Ball Square, Somerville.

I also sometimes knit at the Carberry's on Mass Ave in Arlington Center, especially if I've just gone to the Knitting Room and can't wait to swatch my new yarn!

The Spring Breeze top is beautiful!

Great idea! I'd love to learn about some downtown/lunchtime spots.

One more: Sorrelle Bakery and Cafe in Charlestown. Very light-filled space, lots of young couples, with and without kids. (So I stand out like a sore thumb being the only single girl there, but no big deal).

When I lived in Boston, years and years ago, my favorite my to go was the museum of fine art, the French Impressionist room specifically. What a beautiful environment to KIP.

As a baker and knitter, no subject could be closer to my heart!
-Mariposa in Central Square.
-Emack and Bolio's in JP.
-Someday Cafe in Davis Square.
-1369 in Inman Square.
-SweeTea Cafe in Cambridge.
-Dado Tea on Mass Ave in Cambridge.
There's plenty more, just don't want to hog up all your comment space...

I knit a bit at the Someday Cafe, and PumpkinMama is correct -- it was very comfy, and I ended up making a whole bunch of new friends. It's also a short walk away from Spark Craft studios, where they have knitting classes and other craft-related activities -- and a limited supply of very pretty yarns.
P.S. Nice blog, Colleen! :)

I'm afraid I can only help you out if you're down here on the south shore - but Kiskadee coffee shop in downtown Plymouth is a great spot!

Espresso Royales are nice, and it's a good alternative to Starbucks (I'm pretty sure they're just a local chain - there's one near Symphony Hall on Gainsborough and another on Newbury St) - I also love bookstore/cafes, so I'd recommend Trident on Newbury - they also have a great brunch.

And of course there's the Commons and the Public Gardens!

Glad you've got Java Jo's on the list. Here are some more in the JP area:

Doyle's Cafe, Washington St. in JP. When nobody from the Saturday night Circles group shows up, I hear about it on Sunday. They miss us.

The semi-circular concrete bench, at the head of the tree lined path, on the slope, at Larz Anderson Park in Brookline. How's that for an address. It's a great spot for outdoor knitting.

My mother has a bench in the public garden, right by the statue of the man who invented ether. The plaque says "Nancy's Bench." That may be my favorite place in Boston to knit in public. When you tire of that spot, walk down to 29 Newbury, order a nice glass of chardonay and sit outside and watch the pretty people.

The park in Post Office Square is a great place. In the summer, cushions are provided and dozen of people have lunch out there. It's also a wonderful place for reading and snoozing on the grass.

Caffe Paradiso on Palmer Street in Lowell is a great place for coffee and knitting. They have a special corner with comfy chairs for the knitters and there's a regular knitting group -- even lessons -- all in a funky coffee shop atmosphere.

You could probably also knit in The Coffee Mill also on Palmer Street.

I second the recommendation for Plum Island Coffee Roasters. It's cool to watch people getting the boats ready for the season. Some of the boats are bigger than the coffee shop.

I also second the non-recommendation for Middle Street Cafe. The service has deteriorated badly and with all the people grumpy from getting bad service the atmosphere is unhappy. You don't want to knit unhappy energy into your socks.

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