A Chance Encounter

Boston, Orange Line, 6:00pm:


Two knitters meet, swap yarn tips, and depart the train--never to meet again.  The woman on the right was doing some interesting things with black trash bags (!).  The woman on the left was surprised to find fellow knitters on the subway.  It's always great to discover that you're not the only one knitting in a public place.

After those two women left the train, a third woman volunteered that she also knit!  She was new to the area and I gave her information about Circles, A Good Yarn, and the Stitch-n-Bitch Boston Yahoo list.  I hope she is able to find her way to a meeting soon.

Do you see what knitting in public can start? 


I am a "Subway Knitter" in DC, and I have talked to SO many people. People say they are inspired to pick up their needles again, or they are going to take a class at one of the LYSs. I just love knitting on the train--I love it when people just stare at the yarn and needles :)

Great picture!

Cool! I am an avid NYC subway knitter, but rarely see other knitters. Though some people seem really amused when they realize I am knitting a sock. Wouldn't it be fun if there were more knitters on the train!

I was knitting in the movie theater lobby the other day while waiting for my friend to arrive and I did get some rather odd looks, but no one said anything. I was almost disappointed! I think the odd looks were mostly because I was knitting socks on two circs with the ball of yarn hidden in the pocket of my coat, so it probably looked a tad strange.

Just beware of crazy people who think they can take your knitting and knit it for themselves!!!!! ;-)

Hi Colleen!
Thank you for the compliment and for visiting my blog! Your blog is really cool! I love your taste in colors, and that tank top is really neat!
Love, Christine

Had to comment. I live in one of the Metrowest suburbs, and I commuted into Boston for 10 years (now I work only 20 minutes from my house backroads!). I used to knit on the T, T bus, or Commuter Rail - whichever way I chose to get into town. I used to get comments (nice ones), and there were some times when I was not the only knitter on the T. I think I discovered Windsor Buttons from another T knitter! Anyways, like to read your blog for obvious reasons.

Hey, I totally spaced and deleted your email before I had read it. Duh. Would you mind resending?

That is a *wicked cool* subway story.

great picture. i don't run into knitters during my commute, but my conductor buddy on the commuter rail is always asking me what i'm working on (and inquiring where my knitting is on those days when i decide to read instead) and one morning a woman saw me knitting cables and asked me to show her how i was doing them. a guy sitting across from us stopped reading his paper to watch.

Knitting definitely brings people together. It's a good thing! :-)

i totally had the same thing happen to me on several occasions while knitting on the commute back home. don't these stories make you feel warm and fuzzy on the inside?

I only get the people who stare at my knitting and tell me how their granny used to knit. OK, not entirely true, but your encounter is the best one I've heard so far.

Wow, what a neat story.

Yep-I'm an avid NYC Subway knitter too! The looks, curiosity and conversations it starts are always fun!
I also knit on the Hong Kong Metro, airplanes and the London Tube when I'm in those places. Fun fun fun!

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