Yarn Supply (and one more thing)

I am completely flabbergasted by all of the kind words everyone has had for my sweater and its pattern.   Those of you who wrote that you too wanted to knit one, have flattered me beyond words.  To all: thank you!

If you are searching for more Tahki New Tweed in its old fiber configuration (old New Tweed, I guess).  Chris forwarded me this link from Rosie's Yarn Cellar.  [Chris said that she already ordered her yarn, so I have no worries that I'm scooping her on her find.]  Even better, the yarn is on sale!  I have no affiliation with Rosie's Yarn Cellar, or Tahki Stacy Charles, I simply know good yarn when I feel it.

One more thing: if you have a blogger-powered blog, leaving comments on it has been impossible for me.  And, there's a lot that I want to say :-).  What gives?


Rosie's is fabulous!!! The owner is so nice, and it's the best place to get small amounts of yarn and/or patterns because the shipping is super-fair (like $1 for a pattern book or knitting magazine). I'm also NAYY, just a happy customer.

Blogger is having a comment-ache again? Ug. Thanks for the heads up. One of these days I'll quit my job, buy grumperina.com, and move my blog there. Yeah, I'm right on top of that... :/

I have blogger powered comments and it seems fine right now - but I have noticed it can be wonky. I've seen people who have blogger blogs, but with Haloscan comments and I can't leave anything on them. I will check blogger stats. Thanks!

blogger bites. anyway, wow! what a gorgeous sweater you have down there! it looks absolutely beautiful. kudos to you! and thanks for posting the pattern. talented and generous! you rock!

hope you had a great easter!

I'll second (or third) the Rosie's kudos. One of the best, hands down, LYSs I've ever been to - I've even gotten ridiculously friendly phone advice.

May have to pick up some of that stuff - like I need new yarn!

I don't know what's up with the blogger comments. It's getting annoying, though. Yet one more reason for me to feel tempted to buy register my own domain name and use Word Press or something.


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