When the Knitsmiths Have a Swap,

...you never know what you might find.

There was a load of great stuff at the Knitsmiths annual spring swap.  I had two ground rules: one, I would take nothing for which I could not instantly conceive a project, and two, no more than two projects' worth of yarn.  Come on, how much knitting can one woman really do?

Here are my choices:

First, some stretchy crushed-velvet in a deep red from Dana.  Mmmm, that's a shawl waiting to happen.  It's a good Easter weekend, hanging-out-at-my-parents', project.


Then, there was some cotton-y khaki, blue, and pink yarn from Gina (click on the link to look at Gina's oh-so-cute baby Ugg booties).  There's enough to do a cute cropped cardi, or a tank, or a pullover.  I'm going to swatch first, and let the yarn inspire me.

Finally, I picked up some Lambs Pride Superwash that I've already begun to swatch.


"Wait," you say.  "That's three projects."  Good point, and one that I had not considered until writing this sentence.

Another thing I like about the swap (besides all of the great yarns on offer) is seeing what others take.  I can't wait to see what Johanna, Alison, Shannon, and Amber do with their stash additions.


Great swap stuff. Our guild does a swap and it is nothing but nasty. Have fun with your 3 projects. :)

could you find out for me, the pattern Gina used for the pink heart sleeved baby sweater, I have been looking for one like that for so long.


Is that last "and" for me? I can always hope ;)

I'm making a baby hat out of the mission falls cotton I got. with a skull! I looove it.

And that velvet looked sooo scrumptious!


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